Why Enter?

Showcase your business, gain invaluable industry insights, and forge strategic partnerships that propel your growth in the global marketplace.

Entering, being short-listed, and winning is totally free of charge.


Participating in the Go Global Awards can enhance brand awareness, attract new clients, and serve as a reputable third-party endorsement, while simultaneously providing clarity on your goals, expanding your network, uncovering new market opportunities, and benchmarking against competitors.

Elevates Brand Awareness

Securing a Go Global Award not only enhances your marketing team’s internal reputation but also highlights your business’s exceptional performance in comparison to competitors, leading to tangible business results.

Being shortlisted can bolster brand awareness, promote your business to new customers through local or national PR, and attract the attention of government agencies participating as judges and speakers during the final event rounds.

Stand Out from Your Competition

Receiving a nomination, becoming a finalist, or winning a Go Global Award serves as a prestigious third-party endorsement for your business, effectively setting you apart from your competitors.

The trust and credibility associated with the Go Global Awards recognition can play a crucial role in influencing a potential new customer’s decision to choose your company.

Unlocks New Business Prospects

Participating in the Go Global Awards opens doors to a plethora of new business possibilities. The finalist rounds, judging events, and awards dinner present ample networking opportunities to connect with industry peers and like-minded professionals.

For growth-oriented organizations aiming to embrace exporting or elevate their ambitions, engaging in these awards can introduce you to valuable contacts who can help turn your aspirations into reality.

Enhances Organizational Prestige

Being nominated for, being shortlisted, or winning a Go Global Award elevates your organizations standing among stakeholders, partners, customers, and employees. Your excellence will help to attract top-tier collaborators who seek to work with the best in the industry.

Participating also conveys a positive message to customers, investors, and partners, reinforcing their confidence in choosing your organization.

Boosts Employee Morale

Participating in the awards serves as an excellent means of acknowledging the dedication and efforts of your employees and partners.

Even without securing the top prize, the act of entering demonstrates your appreciation for their work, contributing to an uplift in their confidence and morale.

No Charge to Participate

Just fill out the online entry form, and if your business becomes a finalist, you’ll receive an invitation to take part in the Council’s Go Global Awards Program in Rhode Island from November 6th to 8th, 2023. There, you’ll have the opportunity to present your pitch to judges, international business leaders, government officials, potential investors, and prospective clients.

Some of the many international companies who have participated over the past years: