Welcome to the 2023 Go Global Awards

Showcase your achievements and connect with global business leaders, government officials, and potential investors at the prestigious 2023 Go Global Awards.

Elevate your brand, expand your network, and discover new market opportunities while competing with top international businesses for recognition and growth.

The Go Global Awards program unites business leaders, government officials, and industry organizations, offering an exceptional opportunity to connect and collaborate.

The awards program is open to businesses of all sizes with innovative, export-ready products or services that have achieved significant success or market penetration in one or more international markets, or have garnered substantial investor and/or media interest.

The awards process begins with entrants submitting an online entry form, which is then evaluated by a panel of industry experts. Shortlisted companies are invited to attend the live three-day event, held in partnership with Rhode Island Commerce. During the event, participants will present their businesses, make final award pitches, engage in B2B meetings, exchange insights, learn about local and foreign government export promotion and foreign direct investment tools, devise new market strategies, and establish valuable partnerships to propel their businesses forward.

Each year, around 50 domestic and foreign government economic development agencies and 400 companies are invited to participate in the exclusive in-person final event round.

Don’t miss this chance to showcase your business and seize new growth opportunities.