Step-by-step process

The entry process for the Go Global Awards is designed to be straightforward and hassle-free, ensuring that businesses can participate with ease. By entering the awards, organizations gain the opportunity to showcase their achievements, broaden their networks, and establish valuable connections in the industry.

“The simple act of participating can enhance brand visibility and credibility, while demonstrating commitment to innovation and excellence. In addition, engaging in the Go Global Awards fosters a sense of pride and motivation among employees, further contributing to your organization's long-term success.”

Simplified Entry Process

1st May 2023 Entries Open Learn more >
30th June 2023 Entries Close  
1st - 14th July 2023 Preliminary Judging (Short-Listing) Learn more >
15th July 2023 Notification of Short-Listing Outcomes & Invitation to Final Rounds Learn more >
6th & 7th Nov 2023 In-Person Pitching + B2B / B2G Meetings + Conference Sessions Learn more >
8th Nov 2023 Awards Gala Dinner Learn more >

All entrants, shortlisted candidates, runners-up, and winners will receive official documentation certifying their status from the judging committee, enabling them to showcase their achievements and elevate their organizations globally.