Investing in Rhode Island

How do we build a Rhode Island where everyone can accomplish what matters most in their lives? By investing in our people, communities, and the environment where innovation thrives.

Investing in innovation:

  • Funding an Innovation Campus to maximize collaboration and opportunities across industry, academic, and research tenants.
  • Rhode Island businesses with fewer than 500 employees can receive grants of up to $50,000 to fund R&D assistance from a RI university, research center, or medical center. RI manufacturers have the option to use the Innovation Voucher to fund an internal R&D project.

Fueling the talent pool of tomorrow through affordable higher education opportunities:

  • Helping STEM college graduates pay back student loans through the Wavemaker Fellowship program.
  • PTECH creates partnerships among public high schools, colleges and employers to create opportunities for students and a steady stream of talented, trained workers for businesses.
  • Rebuild Rhode Island can fill financing gaps with redeemable tax credits covering up to 20% – and, in some cases, 30% – of real estate project costs.

Making it easier to do business:

  • Expand your workforce in Rhode Island or relocate jobs from out of state, and you can receive annual, redeemable tax credits for up to 10 years with the Qualified Jobs Incentive program.
  • Rhode Island has not raised its top income or corporate tax rate since 1991; has no sales tax on energy use for companies; and has not raised its sales tax rate since 1990.