Dr. Ayesha A.

Global HR and Education Leader | International Admissions Expert | Empowering Organizations through Innovative HR Strategies | Digital Automation | HRMS Intergartion | Transforming HR and Education Worldwide

Experienced Global HR, Education, and Business Leader | HRM Systems | EdTech Innovator with over 25 years of experience in global HR, education, and business leadership, I have fostered harmonious relationships between industry and workforce while overseeing cutting-edge HR Management Systems. Working across borders in India, the Middle East, and America has given me invaluable insights into diverse cultural environments and networking dynamics.

As the Founder and Vice President of “Eladder4U,” I merge HR and education to provide a unique learning experience. Through our dedicated support for students’ transition from education to career and institutions’ shared successes, we make a positive impact. With international exposure in education and career guidance, I offer diversified consultancy services to help students achieve their learning aspirations.

I am excited to announce the upcoming launch of “EladderUniversity,” our online/distance learning institution. Our programs will offer transformative learning experiences, fostering a global community of learners and providing high-quality education worldwide.

As the proud founder of “thehrbooth,” a premier HR solutions company, we specialize in serving global clients with expertise in Staffing & Recruitment, IT Services and Development, and HRM software. Our exceptional track record and fruitful collaborations set us apart in the modern business landscape.

Connect with me to explore how our expertise can help your organization achieve sustainable growth and a competitive edge in today’s world.

E-Ladder4U is an education ladder dedicated to promoting and facilitating individuals through international education to achieve dreams. With our best expertise and experience, we advise our clients on possible selection criteria in choosing the right university or college. E-Ladder4U Consulting and University is the result of merging two platforms of consulting study abroad and online learning, representing a decade of pioneering efforts. Our organization was formed in India in 2017 as a private limited company by women entrepreneurs. In 2020, we transformed into a non-profit organization and relocated our headquarters to Wyoming, USA.

With a combined experience of over 150 years at all levels of education, our founders envisioned implementing research-based instructional strategies, fostering learning communities within the classroom, and leveraging state-of-the-art technology to enhance teacher effectiveness and improve student learning outcomes to study anywhere in the world with just an internet and computer.

Our mission is to transform lives by providing quality international education and becoming one of the most affordable education consulting organizations worldwide. We aim to establish our own institutions for students and young and adult professionals, fostering educational excellence globally through our schools in America which is 100% online but degree USA degree.

At E-Ladder4U (University), we firmly believe in making a US online degree accessible and affordable. By operating as an online university, we eliminate the costs associated with campus boarding and in-person classes, enabling us to offer high-quality education at a more affordable price compared to traditional universities.

We recognize education as a crucial investment for a country’s and communities’ success. Our goal is not only to graduate students but also to develop well-rounded individuals who are prepared to tackle life’s challenges and collaborate in building a better future.

An E-Ladder4U (University) degree signifies more than just a qualification, it represents the recognition of practical skills and knowledge acquired through our courses. Each program is meticulously designed to simulate real-world scenarios, equipping you with the education and experience necessary to advance your career and shape your future.