Examples of Some 2023 Entrants

Company Country Website Contact Title Employees
1StopVAT Lithuania www.1stopvat.com/ Head of Marketing 11-20
24 Media Films Pvt. Ltd. India www.24mediafilms.com/ Director 11-20
888 Tech Exchange Ventures Inc. Philippines www.888techx.com/ President 11-20
9STAR United States www.9starinc.com/ Program Manager 51-100
Aakash Healthcare Private Limited India www.aakashhealthcare.com/ AGM- Branding 1000+
CloudAxis Technologies Incorporation United States www.aark.co.in/ Director 101-200
Aum Paper Products Private Limited India www.aaum.in/ Founder & Director 21-50
EzyAgric Uganda www.about.ezyagric.com Cofounder and CEO 21-50
Acktec Technologies Pte Ltd Singapore www.acktechnologies.com/ Founder 21-50
Acto Pharma Turkey www.actopharma.com/en/mainpage/ Sales Director
AFYND PRIVATE LIMITED India www.afynd.com/ FOUNDER & CEO 51-100
AgriVijay India www.agrivijay.com/ CEO 11-20
AJN INVESTMENT & DEVELOPMENT 2008 LTD Canada www.ajndevelopments.com/ CEO 21-50
The Allied Founders India www.alliedfoundersindia.com/ CHAIRMAN AND MANAGING DIRECTOR 201-500
Al Shami Sugar & Grains packing United Arab Emirates www.alshamisugar.ae/ Vice president of Sales 51-100
Ambient InfoTech India www.ambientinfotech.com/ CEO 21-50
Amity University Dubai. United Arab Emirates www.amityuniversity.ae/ Registrar, Member University Research Committee, Program Chair PhD & Associate Professor 101-200
AML Partners United States www.amlpartners.com/ Marketing & Business Development Manager 21-50
Akeer Estates Private Limited India www.Argroup.world Chairman 51-100
Artron BioResearch Inc. Canada www.artronbioresearch.com/index.php/ Vice President 51-100
Astaqc Consulting India www.astaqc.com/ CEO & Founder 51-100
ATEC corporate center United States www.atecorp.com/ President 51-100
Atlas Consolidated Mining and Development Corporation Philippines www.atlasmining.com.ph/about-us CAE 1000+
AVTECH Software, Inc United States www.AVTECH.com Marketing and Channel Communication Manager 21-50
AWM United States www.awm.tech/ Chief of Staff 51-100
Ayush Herbs Inc United States www.ayush.com/ PRESIDENT 21-50
BAFCO Trading LLC United Arab Emirates www.bafco.com/ Marketing Analyst 101-200
Bioento Farm Spain www.bioento.com/ CEO 11-20
B9 beverages ltd (BIRA91) India www.bira91.com/ Vice president 1000+
Bizwit Research & Consulting LLP India www.bizwitresearch.com/ Director 21-50
BULUTISTAN Turkey www.bulutistan.com/ Executive Board Member 51-100
CA Botana International United States www.ca-botana.com/ President 21-50
Carethon private Limited India www.carethon.com Hr 51-100
Blue Bridge Code Lithuania www.cargorail.eu Manager of railways industries division 21-50
Caspian United Arab Emirates www.caspian-properties.com/ Chairman
C-Astra Technologies United States www.c-astra.com/ Founder & CEO 21-50
CD Financial ReEngineering Advisors LLP India www.cfradvisors.com/ Managing Partner 51-100
CHILLI IDEAS Romania www.chilli-ideas.ro/ CEO 21-50
CH Robinson United States www.chrobinson.com/en-us/
Chronicle Technologies Pvt Ltd India www.chronicletechnologies.com/ Ceo 21-50
CleanRobotics United States www.cleanrobotics.com/ PR & Communications Associate 11-20
CloudFirst Technology Private limited India www.cloudfirst.in/ Chief Technology Officer 51-100
Hong Kong Nanya Currency Exchange China www.cne.hk/ Director 21-50
CodeLabs Private Limited Pakistan www.codelabs.inc/ Chief Executive Officer 21-50
Coders Azerbaijan Azerbaijan www.coders.edu.az/ co-founder and managing partner 21-50
COMES S.A. Romania www.comes.ro/en/home/ Marketing Manager 201-500
Complere Infosystem Pvt. Ltd. India www.complereinfosystem.com/ HR Manager 51-100
Consolidated Shipping Agencies Ltd. Ghana www.conshiponline.com/ C. E.O. 201-500
Consid Sweden www.consid.se Head of equality and inclucion/communication strategist 1000+
Coolcore United States www.coolcore.com/ Vice President of Marketing & Creative 11-20
COPPEX INTERNATIONAL India www.coppexindia.com/ CEO / DIRECTOR 21-50
Cryptolab Inc United States www.cryptolab.us/ CEO Co-Founder 11-20
cyberstanc India www.cyberstanc.com/ COO 51-100
De Penning & De Penning India www.depenning.com IT Project Manager 201-500
De Zwaluw Logistiek BV Netherlands www.dezwaluw.com/ CEO 51-100
Diet ID, Inc United States www.dietid.com/ Founder, CEO 11-20
Diginova Health United Arab Emirates www.diginovahealth.com/ CEO 51-100
Enhanced Biofuels and Technologies India Pvt Ltd India www.ebtiplc.com/about-us/ Executive Director 21-50
JK Sugars and Commodities Private Limited India www.ebuysugar.com/ CBO 21-50
Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority United Arab Emirates www.eca.gov.ae/ Innovation project manager
Ecadema, Inc. United States www.ecadema.com/ CEO / Founder 11-20
Ehfaaz Recycling United Arab Emirates www.ehfaaz.ae/ Co-Founder & CEO 11-20
ElectroAir OÜ Estonia www.electroair.eu/web/ brand-manager 51-100
Goldfields Holding Ltd United Kingdom www.emerginggoldfields.com/ board member 501-1000
Eniste Tekstil Ltd.Şti Turkey www.e-nakis.com.tr Owner 51-100
Ensofa Projects Private Limited India www.ensofaprojects.co.in/ Founder/Director 21-50
Epic Corporations Pvt Ltd India www.epiccorporations.com/ CEO 11-20
Equipment Parts & Services Ltd Ghana www.epsghana.com/ MANAGING DIRECTOR 11-20
Esirom Limited Jamaica www.esirom.com Director 21-50
Esusu Africa Limited Nigeria www.esusu.africa/ CEO 11-20
Eturia Romania www.eturia.ro/ Co-founder 51-100
Far Way General Trading LLC United Arab Emirates www.farwaycompany.com/ Manager 21-50
FEMW OÜ Estonia www.femw.ee Chairman of the Board 11-20
Finbird Technologies Pvt Ltd India www.finbird.in/ CEO 11-20
Flex Air United States www.flexairmi.com/ Marketing Coordinator 101-200
Flightlink Limited Tanzania www.flightlink.co.tz/ Managing Director 51-100
Fox Petroleum Group India www.foxpetroleum.net/ CEO
Friisberg & Partner International Switzerland www.friisberg.com/ Chair 201-500
FutureThink United States www.futurethink.com/ Marketing Manager 11-20
Global Business Services – DMCC United Arab Emirates www.gbsei.com/ Senior Consultant – Business Development 21-50
Grunfeld Desiderio Lebowitz SIlverman & Klestadt LLP United States www.gdlsk.com Managing Partner (Los Angeles) 51-100
Gemm United States www.GEMM.me Founder, president, CEO 11-20
gener8tor (Venture Capital) United States www.gener8tor.com/ Managing Director
Genesis360 Pakistan www.genesis360.co/ Managing Director 11-20
GKMT IT India www.gkmtit.com/ Sales Head 11-20
Global Management Services, Inc. United States www.globalmanagementservices.com/ CEO 11-20
GloryThink Group United Arab Emirates www.glorythink.com/ Group CEO 11-20
GLOBAL SOURCING CONNECTION United States www.gloso.com/ CEO 11-20
Inspirelabs Solutions Pvt Ltd (GrabOn) India www.grabon.in/ Growth Marketing Specialist 51-100
Grameen Knitwear Ltd. Bangladesh www.grameenknit.com Managing Director 201-500
Granarolo Spa Italy www.granarologroup.com/ Marketing 1000+
Harbor Light Inn United States www.harborlightinn.com/ President 11-20
Hawk Aerospace Private Limited India www.hawkaerospace.in/ Director & CEO 101-200
HCIG Saudi Arabia www.hcig.me/english/home Managing Director 11-20
Helicopter Horizons Botswana www.helicopterhorizons.com/ Director 51-100
Honey by Nature India www.honeybynature.com Founder and Director 51-100
Humans of Tomorrow Lebanon www.humansoftomorrow.international President 11-20
Interstellar Communication Holdings Inc United States www.icmercury.com/ President 11-20
Ideainvestor Ltd Vietnam www.ideainvestor.net/ CEO 11-20
Interstate Freight Systems Canada www.ifstrans.com Vice President of Sales 501-1000
Ikonmytri services private limited India www.ikonmytri.com/ Director 11-20
Infiltron Software Suite United States www.infiltron.net CEO 11-20
InQube Innoventures Limited United Kingdom www.inqube.biz/ Co-founder & CEO 21-50
Jain Group India www.jaingroupofcompanies.com/ Director 21-50
Jora Shoes Company ltd Uganda www.jorashoes.com/ Director 21-50
JSK Technologies India www.jsktechnologies.in/ CEO 11-20
Municipality of Karpos Macedonia www.karpos.gov.mk Advisor for cooperation with international organisations and NGO’s 101-200
KGiSL India www.kgisl.com/ Marketing Director 1000+
Kumar Auto Parts Pvt Ltd India www.kumarind.co/ Director 21-50
Landmark Security Limited Ghana www.landmarksecurity.org/ Head of Admin & Client Relations 201-500
LEBO ROBOTICS INC Germany www.leborobotics.com/en CEO 11-20
LELEADER GROUP Benin www.leleadergroup.com Chairman 11-20
Lobosway Global Resources Limited Nigeria www.lobosway.com/ Ceo/Managing Director 11-20
Loyesys Bahrain www.loyesys.com CEO 51-100
Map My Crop United States www.mapmycrop.com Founder & CEO 11-20
Bakshi Mark Pvt. Ltd. India www.markode.in Director 21-50
M.A.R.S.A.T. S.A. Romania www.marsat.com.ro/ President 51-100
MARUDHAR PACKAGING India www.marudharpackaging.com CEO 21-50
Modern Company for Fertilizers Production (MCFP) Jordan www.mcfp.jo Marketing Specialist 21-50
MEHROTRA BIOTECH PVT LTD India www.mehrotrabiotech.com CEO 21-50
Mercuri Urval Sweden www.mercuriurval.com Head of Marketing & Communications 201-500
Mexxiss Technologies Pvt Ltd India www.mexxiss.in Mg Director 51-100
Modern World Logistics Ltd Ghana www.modernworldlogistics.com Chief Executive Officer 11-20
Motherhood Hospitals India www.motherhoodindia.com/ Manager Customer Experience 1000+
Nandha Infotech India www.nandhainfotech.com Founder and CEO 11-20
Next Level Connected United States www.nextlevelconnected.com Chief Executive Officer/Founder 11-20
WiseInvest Estonia www.nikolaiangelov.com/ CEO
AB „Novaturas” Lithuania www.novaturas.lt/ Head of e-commerce
Oceanus Group Limited Singapore www.oceanus.com.sg Group Director, Corp Planning & Strategy 101-200
OLİVA Yapım Danışmanlık Ticaret Limited Şirketi Turkey www.olivayapim.com Company Owner 51-100
Knight Electronics/ORION Fans United States www.orionfans.com VP Global Sales and Distribution 21-50
Paymenow South Africa www.paymenow.live Chief Client Officer 21-50
Pentarch Ventures LLP India www.pentarchventures.com Partner 11-20
Petroser Algeria www.petroser.dz Marketing Manager 1000+
MacFarlane Pheasants United States www.pheasant.com/ Admin Assistant 51-100
Pioneer Engineering Consultancy LLC United Arab Emirates www.pioneereng.ae Chairman 101-200
Pixel True Canada www.pixeltrue.com CEO 51-100
Atgalaikas UAB Lithuania www.pomodoneapp.com/ CEO
Kulkarni winches India Pvt Ltd India www.precisionwinch.com/ Head : Sales & Marketing 21-50
PRECURE Denmark www.precure.health CEO 11-20
Hangzhou Proton Technology Co., Ltd. China www.protontek.com/ Branding 51-100
RECKTRONIC DEVICES AND SYSTEMS India www.rds.co.in Partner 101-200
re.green Brazil www.re.green Marketing Lead 51-100
Red Eunes Entertainment ltd India www.redtunes.in President 11-20
Revvknew Technologies India www.revvknewtech.com/ Director 101-200
RK machinery Latvia www.rkmachinery.lv/ Board member 101-200
Rootquotient Canada www.rootquotient.com Manager, Marketing 51-100
Rotatelab Turkey www.rotatelab.com CEO 11-20
Royal Cargo do Brasil Brazil www.royalcargo.com.br Director 101-200
Ruby Electrical Corporation India www.rubyelectricalcorp.com proprietor 11-20
SA Power Utilities Private Limited India www.sapowerco.com/ Director 51-100
Savola Egypt www.Savola.com Senior E&I Engineer 1000+
Security Services Botswana Pty Ltd Botswana www.securityservicesbotswana.com/ Managing Director 1000+
SE Health Canada www.sehc.com/ Project Specialist
Siriusnet Institute United States www.siriusnet.io CEO 6-10
Slovenian Innovation Hub Slovenia www.sis-egiz.eu Consultant 21-50
Skool Media Nigeria Limited Nigeria www.skoolmedia.ng Senior IT Operations Manager 51-100
SKYNET EXPRESS INDIA/NEPAL PVT. LTD. India www.skynetww.com/ CEO/MD 101-200
Smahile Hub Nigeria www.smahile.com Founder / Developer 11-20
SME Finance Lithuania www.smefinance.eu/en/ PR & Comms Manager 101-200
Sociochat Incorporation India www.sociochat.in Business Executive 51-100
SolarClue India www.solarclue.com/ CEO & Founder 51-100
SPIRIT ME Lebanon www.spirit-me.com Founder 11-20
Summer Atlantic Capital China www.summeratlantic.com Founder, CEO 11-20
Sunix AI India www.sunix.in CEO 51-100
Swift Fulfilment United Kingdom www.swiftfulfilment.co.uk CEO 21-50
Tactical Logistic Solutions United States www.tacticallogistic.com/ Chief Logistics Officer 101-200
TACTPRO CONSULTING PRIAVATE LIMITED India www.tactproconsulting.com Director 11-20
The Insights Family United Kingdom www.theinsightsfamily.com Founder, Director & CSO 51-100
Sunflower Lab United States www.thesunflowerlab.com/ Marketing Analyst 101-200
Trade Lenda Nigeria www.tradelenda.com CEO/Founder 11-20
Travesys Bahrain www.travesys.com/ CEO 51-100
Dac Pacific Ltd China www.Trumpcrown.Com.hk Managing Director 21-50
Trust Construction Establishment United Arab Emirates www.trust uae.com General Manager 101-200
Türkbank Turkey www.turkticaretbankasi.com.tr/ Cen 501-1000
Uffizio India www.uffizio.com/ Marketing Head 51-100
Istanbul Arel University Turkey www.ugurozgoker.com Head of International Relations Department 101-200
UNIABROAD LTD United Kingdom www.uniabroad.io CEO 101-200
University of Kinsasha Congo {Democratic Rep} www.unikin.ac.cd CEO
Unixpadel Turkey www.unixpadel.com/ Purchasing & Logistic Specialist 51-100
US Kidney Research Corporation United States www.uskidneyresearchcorp.com/ CEO 11-20
USS21 United Arab Emirates www.USS21.com CEO
VATIT USA Inc. United States www.vatit.com VP Sales & Marketing 11-20
Vehant Technologies India www.vehant.com Manager-Marketing Communications 201-500
Vidushi Infotech SSP Pvt. Ltd. India www.vidushiinfotech.com Vice President HR 101-200
Vakaru Medienos Grupe (VMG) Lithuania www.vmg.eu Head of Sales Development Department 1000+
Wedo.ai United Kingdom www.wedo.ai CEO 11-20
Gowelnext Solutions Private Limited India www.welnext.com/ VP 201-500
Westrafo Srl Italy www.westrafo.com Business Development manager 101-200
Westshorebpo Pvt Ltd India www.westshorebpo.com/en/ CEO 51-100
Winsome Breweries Ltd. India www.winsomeindia.in/ CMD
OpenWise Solutions Czech Republic www.wiseporter.com CEO 11-20
Time-Tell Nigeria Nigeria www.www.AFRIKONCEPT.COM FOUNDER CEO 11-20
BluePine Foods Private Limited India www.www.yangkiez.com/ Founder  Director 21-50
Ortho Life Systems Pvt Ltd India www.xlo.in Head International Sales & Marketing 101-200
Yaz Bilgi Sistemleri (Yaz Information Systems) Turkey www.yaz.com.tr Executive Vice President 101-200
Ynsect France www.ynsect.com/ VP Communication & Public Affairs Director 201-500
Zion Shipping Co Ltd United Arab Emirates www.zionshipping.co CEO 6-10
Willowvale Development Trust South Africa CEO