Why attend?

The world’s leading event about international trade

  • 175+ live, interactive sessions

  • Expert panel discussions & virtual round-tables

  • Integrated chat & interaction with other participants and speakers

  • Speed dating

  • On-demand video replay of all sessions

The Think Global Conference 2021 will be a Virtual Event

The objective of the Think Global Conference is to help new and existing manufacturers, exporters of products & services and supporting businesses keep up to date with changes in international trade. The conference also provides a platform where attendees can improve their skills, learn how to better capture international trade opportunities,  network, and meet potential business partners, suppliers, investors and clients.

For those companies new to exporting there are sessions to help you get export ready; and for experienced traders there are workshops on foreign direct investment, due diligence, trade compliance, and regulation. Senior executives from established exporters will also be sharing their own export experiences, including how to address the challenges created by Covid19, how to reduce risk, and how to successfully export to traditionally ‘challenging’ markets.

The program will be addressed by government agencies, trade experts and renowned practitioners and will offer updated information in the respective areas as well as providing a platform of experience sharing and networking by the participants.

The program will be highly interactive and is conducted with C-level executives exclusively.

Attend From Your Home or Office

Given travel and group meeting constraints due to COVID-19, we will be virtualizing Think Global 2021 on April 12-15 2021.

We look forward to delivering an amazing, immersive experience once again to our attendees just in a different format. One of the benefits of virtualization of the Think Global Conference is you will have access to all sessions offered – recorded live as well as access to other attendees via the conference social platforms… so that you can still get a multi-dimensional experience of sessions you could not virtually attend live.

  • Learn on your own time
  • Set your own schedule
  • Meet potential partners, customers and suppliers
  • Attend interactive sessions with real-world examples
  • Participate in panel discussions and virtual round-tables
  • Access free business mentoring
  • Schedule appointments with other attendees
  • Use the virtual conference speed-dating functionality to introduce you to other attendees
  • Watch video replay of all sessions (125+ hours) for 90 days after the conference
  • Access to exclusive live monthly webinars for next 365 days
  • Network and develop your business
  • Free listing in the international trade directory
  • Free quality in business certification assessment 

Save Time & Money

Attend only the sessions you want without the need for travel. Virtual events are much cheaper to attend and not just in terms of ticket price! For most people cost of attending an in-person conference is not confined to just the ticket, there are extra costs such as travel, accommodation, transport, food and more. A virtual event eliminates all those ‘extra’ costs and gives the opportunity to organizations to have more of their representatives attend the event and make better use of their time.

Help the Environment

Unfortunately, physical events involve a lot of wastage: they rely on large quantities of paper (marketing collateral, handouts, brochures, or welcome bags) and plastic as well – think about all the exhibition stands and roller banners used in an exhibition hall. The financial and environmental cost of producing all these materials can be significant. There is also the food wastage at the venue, water and energy consumption for delegates staying in hotels and more… With a virtual event you can access more content, more sessions, more material, and network with a larger and more international pool of professionals from around the world without impacting on the environment.

Hundreds of Virtual Learning Opportunities

Choose from dozens of virtual classes, round-tables and panel discussions with a wide variety of topics on best practices, innovations and solutions to challenges you may be facing.

Build Your Own Schedule

Your time is valuable and three-day events can seem like a big commitment. This event is designed in a way that allows you to build your own schedule, attend only the sessions that are of interest to you, spend time networking with industry experts, and check out solution partner booths.

On-Demand Content is Available After the Event

If the date and time of the Virtual Tech Conference does not fit your schedule and the topics are of interest to you — we recommend that you register so that you can access the on-demand content for 90 days following the event.

Connect with Speakers & Mentors

Speakers & Mentors will be ready to share their time and ideas with conference attendees (both on-line and off-line) during and after the conference.

Network with Others

It is easier to connect with professionals that have your same interests and issues… and stay connected. No more business card swaps, you will instantly have their digital contact details. At the Think Global Conference you will be able to head to the networking lounge where you can have a ‘look around the room’ and see who else is there and you can also start a conversation with them through the chat features.

Focus on What Matters to You

As a virtual event, the Think Global Conference 2021 allows you to attend from the comfort and safety of your home or office – this means a much more relaxed environment. This means less stress, less tiredness, and more energy to dedicate to staying focused on the content that matters to you.

No time to attend the entire conference?

On-demand video recordings of all sessions from the Think Global Conference will be available to all registered attendees within 7 days after the event .


Great speakers, practical topics, real-world advice, innovative ideas and professional solutions.