Meet our Business & Industry speakers

Aarti Thakkar

Founder and Managing Director of Logisyntax - INDIA

Abhishek Tiwari

CEO of SEO Charge - INDIA

Abraham (‘AB’) Lieberman

CEO / Founder of Clicks Talent - USA

Adam Hill

President & Chief Operating Officer at Scarbrough Group of Companies - USA

Ahmad Kareh

Managing Partner at Twistlab Marketing - USA

Ajay Kumar

Founder & CEO of NeoEpo Inc - USA

Alan Smithson

Co-Founder of MetaVRse - CANADA

Alexander Isora

CEO and founder at Unicorn Platform - RUSSIA

Alexander Low

Head of Enterprise Strategy & Operations at Lately.AI - USA

Alexey Anshakov

CEO of Green Bee - ESTONIA

Alvin EA

Co-Founder & CEO of Haulio - SINGAPORE

Amit Hasak

Founder and CEO of Transship Corp - USA

Amy Baker

Attorney at Law, Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker LLP - USA

Anand Muralidaran

Founder and CEO - Iconic Mindset LLC

Ananthanarayanan Venkateswaran

Founder & CEO: Techdivine Creative Services at Techdivine Creative Services - INDIA

Andy Kieffer


Andy Pandharikar

CEO of Commerce.AI - USA

Angel Batalla

Founder & CEO at Last Mile Team - SPAIN

Anna Madill

Founder and CEO of Avenue - USA

Annabella Zhuang

Business Director, Co-founder of DSIGN - HONG KONG

Avril Tomlin-Hood

Director of Media at Idea Rebel - CANADA

Azmul Haque

Founder & Managing Director at Collyer Law LLC - SINGAPORE

Bart L. Collins


Ben Classen

Agency Director of Skeleton Key Agency - USA

Brad McCabe

Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Sponsor Circle - CANADA

Brian Erickson

Chief Strategy Officer, Partner at Cardwell Beach - USA

Brian Meshkin

Managing Partner at Profound Ventures - USA

Camila Zakka

Partner, ZAKKA Gestão de Conflitos - BRAZIL

Carla Vazquez

Founder & CEO, Legal + Innovation - MEXICO

Charles Hecker

Partner at Control Risks - UNITED KINGDOM

Chibuike Goodnews

CEO and founder - NIGERIA

Christopher Wall

CEO of Zeus Logics - USA

Clemens Kirner

CEO, Insider Navigation - AUSTRIA

Connie Fry

Founder/Creative Director of CKF Creative - USA

Cronja Hultin

Managing Director North America, Whispr Group - USA

D’vorah Graeser


Dagmara Szulce

Global Managing Director at the International Advertising Association - USA

Damilola Odunlade-Akeju

Founder/CEO at DriveMe Fleet - NIGERIA

Daniel D. Protz

Founder & CEO of FlavorWiki - SWITZERLAND

Daniel Evans

Chief Executive Officer at Birmingham Enterprise Community & Director of the global FORWARD Accelerator Programme - UK

Danijela Stojanovic

Registered Migration Agent (MARN 0958278) and Director of Stojanovic & Associates - AUSTRALIA

Dare Odumade

Founder/CEO of Chekkit - NIGERIA

Darryl Antonio

Managing Director at Digitalhound - UNITED KINGDOM

David C Luna

VP of Global Sales and Marketing at ORION Fans/Knight Electronics - USA

David Drake

Chairman, LDJ Capital - USA

David Reynolds

Vice President at ClearFreight - USA

Devin Schumacher

Founder & Head of Growth at SERP Co - USA

Dr Gint Silins

Principal at Spruson & Ferguson - AUSTRALIA

Dr. Andrew Willcocks

Director of International Trade & Partnerships at Jus Mundi - FRANCE

Dr. Ashok Chopra

Associate Professor (Management & Commerce) and Program Director PhD and MBA Programs at Amity University Dubai - UAE

Elizabeth Lowe

Partner at Venable - USA

Ellen Machenheimer

Global Due Diligence Consultant at the Kreller Group - USA

Eric Smith

Director of Business Intelligence at LeadMD - USA

Faisal Hourani

Founder of WebMedic - MALAYSIA

Fiaz Mohammed

President/CEO at Griffon Webstudios Inc.

Gary C. Laney

Founder and CEO of Success Masters - USA

Gonçalo Soares

C.M.O at Creative Discovery - PORTUGAL

Harish K Saini

Director of Recherche Digital - INDIA

Hasan Fransson

Head of search and creativity at Raqs SEO - Sweden

Ilan Geva

Founder of Ilan Geva & Friends - USA

Isabella Wang

Chief Operating Officer of Creative House Marketing - USA


Strategy Consultant at Evolve & Adapt - SINGAPORE

James Choi


James May

President of Customs City Global Solutions Inc - USA

Jean-Pierre Lacroix

President, SLD - CANADA

Jesse Ringer

Founder of the Method and Metric SEO Agency - CANADA

John Colascione

Chief Executive Officer, Founder, President of Internet Marketing Services - USA

John Michael Wright

Director of Lawbiz Consulting Group UK Limited and author of Powerful Business Rules, Extraordinary Results - UK & MEXICO

Joseph Lapin

VP Marketing and Brand Strategy at Circa Interactive - USA

Joseph Meyers

CEO of Share - USA

Josh Francia

Chief Growth Officer of Blueshift - USA

Joshua Ray

Partner at Rahman Ravelli - UNITED KINGDOM

JP Van Dyke

President of JAC Consulting, LLC - USA

Judy Vorndran J.D., CPA

Lead Partner of the SALTovation team at TaxOps - USA

Justin Wastnage

CEO and Founder of Vloggi - AUSTRALIA

Karin Conroy

Founder and Creative Director at Conroy Creative Counsel

Karl Becker

President of Improving Sales Performance - USA

Kate Fairhurst

CEO & Co-founder at GrowthMinds - UNITED KINGDOM

Kelly Ann Collins

CEO at Vult Lab

Kim Chan

Founder and CEO of DocPro - HONG KONG

Kim Kohatsu

Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Charles Ave Marketing - USA

Kimberlee Jones

IP & Corporate Attorney at Jackson Corporate Law - USA

Kimberly Daniels

CEO of Mercantile Logistics & International Trade - USA

Kushal Kahar

Founder & CEO of PulsAero - INDIA

Kwadwo Adu

Founder of PLYO Lab - DENMARK

Lars Helgeson

Founder & CEO of GreenRope - USA

Laurel Mintz

CEO of Elevate My Brand - USA

Lauren Pittelli

Founder and Principal at Baker Logistics - USA

Lawrence P. Howorth

Director, Mayor’s Office of International Business and VP International Business Development, President & Founder HOWORTH International - USA

Lou Hughes

CEO of Moving Minds - USA

Louis Bena, Benatshipama

Founder and Director of Impetus Africa Group - CANADA

Lucas Wang

Partner at WIHarper Group - USA

Luis Cordeiro


Majed Zambaraji

CEO of Time Express Parcels - UAE

Maria Secades Lopez

New Business and Account Executive at Grupo WDi - SPAIN

Marison Souza

CTO and co-founder of Privacy Tools - BRAZIL

Mark Ward

Managing Partner at Fox Digital - USA

Martin Schweiger

Partner in Munich & Singapore - Schweiger & Partners

Matt Silver

CEO of Forager - USA

Matthew Jonas

President & Co-founder at TopFireMedia - USA

Matthew Sherrod Gibson

CEO of UpThink - HONG KONG

Moidul Islam

Founder of Blindspot Media - INDIA

Nadya Rousseau

Founder/CEO, Alter New Media - SINGAPORE

Nathan Kievman

CEO of Linked Strategies - USA

Nicolas Laurin

Partner, Mandeville & Associates - HONG KONG

Nicolette Bostock

Senior Solicitor at Laura Devine Immigration - UK

Nishant Mittal

Founder, Business Manager at The Testament - INDIA

Norman Katz

President Katzscan Inc - USA

Olesija Saue

Business strategist/partner at Goal Marketing, certified executive coach, personal branding expert, and co-author of the book on personal branding The Brand Named You - ESTONIA

Olugbemiga Ojo

Lakinberg LLC - USA & NIGERIA

Pablo Carpintero

CEO / Creative Director of Pablo Carpintero & Associates Inc. - USA

Pablo Ferrero

President, Flat World Communication - USA

Peter Löwendahl

Clever Compliance - SWEDEN

Petr Stransky

CEO & Founder of iCEIBA - USA

Piers Strickland

Partner & Joint Head of Intellectual Property and Dispute Resolution at Waterfront Solicitors - UNITED KINGDOM

Priscila Martinez

CEO & Founder at The Brand Agency - USA

Qiyin Chuah

Founder at QC Immigration - UK

Ranjani Rangan

International Trade Council - Chairperson SEA

Robb Fahrion

Partner at The Flying V Group - USA

Robert Jendrzejczak

Founder of New Street - CANADA

Romey Louangvilay

Head of Communications at ELMNTL - USA

Roop Kumar Bhadury

CEO of Engag3d - USA

Sebright Chen

Founder and Chairman of Summer Atlantic Capital - HONG KONG

Shan Cladvi

Co-founnder at Optiin com

Sheikh Muhammad Bilal

Founder / Marketing Director at Just White Hat - PAKISTAN

Shira Witelson

Founder of RSLT.IO - USA

Shriram Padale

Associate Partner (CEO Office) of MarketsandMarkets - INDIA

Siddharth Patel

Co-Founder and CEO At Digipple - INDIA

Sofoklis Georgiades

Cofounder, COO at R Digital - CYPRUS

Solomon Addai

Managing Director, Modern World Logistics - GHANA

Steve Connelly

President and Copywriter of Connelly Partners - USA

Tania Peitzker

Company Director & Chief Evangelist - AI Bots as a Service / AI Baas - GERMANY

Thomas Mueller

Founder and CEO of rainmaker travel - SOUTH AFRICA

Tiago Carruco

Business Development Manager at The Happy Beavers - ESTONIA

Tom Dunlop

CEO at Summize - UK

Tom Engelhart

Global Due Diligence Consultant at the Kreller Group - USA

Tom Pelliccio

Executive Vice President, International at Pilot Freight Services - USA

Tonya McNeal-Weary

Founder and Managing Director of IBS Global Consulting - USA

Travis Chambers

Founder and Chief Media Hacker at Chamber Media - USA

Tunji Adeyemi

Senior Associate, Shipping, Aviation & International Trade, Banwo & Ighodalo - NIGERIA

Ulyana Shtybel

Chief Capital Officer of HighCastle - UNITED KINGDOM

Victoria Rahmanovic

Branch Manager, Transatlantic North America Inc - USA

Wendy Chen

Head of Digital Products at ChoZan - CHINA

Williams Fatayo

CEO/Cofounder of TruQ - NIGERIA

Yannick Lefang

Founder and CEO of Kasi Insight - CANADA

Zenophon Abraham, Jr.

Founder and CEO, Zennie62Media - USA


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