Fernando Ballesta

Director of Invest in Murcia, Trade, and Industrial Infrastructures

I’m an Economist who specializes in international business and investments (FDI). I have extensive international experience as I have spent part of my life traveling or living in other countries as part of my job or training (USA, UK, Scandinavia). Today, I work as Director of Foreign Investments, Trade and Industrial Infrastructures at the Murcia Regional Development Agency (INFO, Instituto de Fomento) and help companies in their foreign direct investments (FDI) and international expansion projects. I am also responsible for all the industrial sites, logistics and infrastructures in the region. Fluent in Spanish and English, understands French, Italian and Portuguese.

Brief bio-note:
– Graduate from Bremerton High School, WA – USA
– Economist by the University of Murcia, Spain
– Master degree in Foreign Trade by the ENAE Business School
– Expert in International Business Law by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Treasure
– International consultant on investments for UNCTAD
– PSLO Private Sector Liaison Officer to the World Bank

The main objective of INFO is to promote regional economic growth and competitiveness in the Region of Murcia by promoting the economy, increasing investment, removing obstacles and establishing an environment that favours competitiveness.

  • Research & Innovation – For promoting technological development ensuring that each company can access the technology that best suits its needs.
  • Internationalisation – For boosting international corporate expansion through the Foreign Trade Promotion Plan.
  • Investment – For promoting investment, development and growth projects by providing companies from inside and outside the region with information and consultancy services.
  • Entrepreneurship – Support for entrepreneurs, creation, consolidation and transfer of companies.
  • Access to finance – For helping businesses to access lines of finance for investments in assets, quality, technology, internationalisation and industrial equipment