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1:30 am - 2:00 am Online

Opening Remarks

Opening remarks and welcoming of participants to the Think Global Conference

Ranjani Rangan Ranjani Rangan International Trade Council - Chairperson SEA
2:00 am - 2:30 am Online

PHILIPPINES: Make It Happen in the Philippines: Investment Opportunities in the Philippines

The Philippines: Located within one of the world’s fastest growing economies, the Philippines is an ideal investment destination, offering businesses unique access to a large consumer market and excellent trade options both within Asia and beyond. Its business-friendly laws attract international companies into the Philippines and with a government committed to creating a business-friendly landscape. The Filipino workforce: The Philippines is home well-educated, English-speaking, and highly motivated workforce. The country’s young workforce and competitive labor costs are just two more attractions. The Philippine market: Besides the huge domestic market of 110 million people, the country also offers access to the 600 million population ASEAN market and to other key markets through FTA with EFTA, EU GSP+ and US GSP. Key industries for promotion: aerospace, automotive, copper, IT and business process management, and electronics. Opportunities in the horizon: As the Philippines opens the economy, the government is implementing REBUILD (REvitalizing BUsinesses, Investments, Livelihoods and Domestic Demand), an industrial strategy with the goal of building back a better, more modern Philippines. #MakeItHappenPhilippines #REBUILDPH

Rosa Katrina V. Banzon Rosa Katrina V. Banzon Commercial Attaché of the Philippine Trade and Investment Centers (PTIC) in Singapore and in Malaysia
2:30 am - 3:00 am Online

SINGAPORE: Next Wave of Innovation and Gateway to ASEAN

From the world’s large multinational corporations to the fastest-growing startups, Singapore continues to be the partner of choice for businesses. With the rise of Southeast Asia, companies looking to deepen their presence can also leverage Singapore as a base to build consumer insights, innovate and commercialise solutions for the region and beyond. Singapore continues to be a gateway to the region for top MNCs and fast-growing start-ups, with their top decision-makers choosing to call Singapore home. As a global hub for innovation, Singapore has built a vibrant ecosystem featuring global R&D labs for leading Fortune 500 companies, as well as over 150 venture capital funds, incubators and accelerators. With our deep engineering and innovation capabilities, Singapore is recognised as a global leader in high-value manufacturing. We are also the world’s fourth largest exporter of high-tech products.

YC Choy YC Choy Regional Vice President  International Ops (WEU) Singapore Economic Development Board - SINGAPORE
3:00 am - 3:30 am Online

SWITZERLAND: Emerging technologies: Swiss opportunities for foreign investors

In this session you will hear why Switzerland is a preferred location for international companies to test and scale their tech products and services for the European market. It is a playground for startups, academia and corporates to innovate and to collaborate on emerging tech applications. Switzerland’s pioneering and business-minded regulations offer a safe framework for blockchain, AI, drones and other tech ventures to experiment and at the same time protect intellectual property. Find out how Switzerland can help your business grow.

Sirpa Tsimal Sirpa Tsimal Director Investment Promotion at Switzerland Global Enterprise - SWITZERLAND
3:30 am - 4:00 am Online

IRELAND: Your Gateway to Europe

Ireland is a committed member of the EU and provides companies with guaranteed access to the European market. As the only English-speaking country in the Eurozone, it provides the ideal hub for organisations seeking a European base. The brightest talent from across Europe is attracted to Ireland, offering a highly-educated multinational and multilingual melting pot of skills with a positive attitude to match. Ireland has an enviable track record as the European location of choice for many of the world’s leading multinational companies and is also one of the easiest places in Europe to set up your EU operation. Learn why Ireland is your ideal gateway to Europe.

Gerard Whitty Gerard Whitty Director, ASEAN & Taiwan, IDA Ireland - IRELAND
4:00 am - 4:30 am Online

MONGOLIA: Investment Environment and Opportunities in Mongolia

The presentation will cover the active policy measures taken to attract inward foreign direct investment, international and national investment framework capturing the Long-term development policy “Vision-2050” of Mongolia; further highlighting the incentives for FDI and protection of investors; latest statistics of FDI in Mongolia and detailed overview of potential investment opportunities in Mongolia.

Bulganchimeg Bayasgalant Bulganchimeg Bayasgalant Deputy Chairperson in charge of foreign direct investment and multilateral cooperation at National Development Agency - MONGOLIA
4:30 am - 5:00 am Online

BHUTAN: Investment Opportunities in Bhutan

The presentation will cover the following areas: - Brief profile of Bhutan - Why invest in Bhutan? - Business opportunities - Incentives and business environment

Tashi Dorji Tashi Dorji Dy. Chief Industries Officer, Foreign Direct Investment Division, Department of Industry, Ministry of Economic Affairs - BHUTAN
5:00 am - 5:30 am Online

MAURITIUS: Re-engineering Regional Value Chain

Explore opportunities in Mauritius as the ideal Trade and Investment platform linking Africa to the World. Through bilateral and multilateral agreements, Mauritius offers very efficient market access to 70% of the world population. Mauritius is ranked 13th in the world and 1st in Africa for Ease of Doing Business. Over the years, Mauritius has consolidated its leadership position as a competitive and attractive jurisdiction for Investment and for Trade and Development in Africa.

Geerish Bucktowonsing Geerish Bucktowonsing Director – Industry Sector, Economic Development Board - MAURITIUS
Vinay Guddye Vinay Guddye Director – Economic Development Board - MAURITIUS
Arvind Radhakrishna Arvind Radhakrishna Strategic Advisor- Trade & Investment Development, Economic Development Board - MAURITIUS
5:30 am - 6:00 am Online

LITHUANIA: Creating futureproof solutions together

Lithuania is a great place to find a reliable partner and explore variety of opportunities.

Rasa Uždavinytė Rasa Uždavinytė Director of Export Department at Enterprise Lithuania - LITHUANIA
6:00 am - 6:30 am Online

GUINEA: The Trade and Investment Hub for Africa

Our vision is to "make Guinea the Trade and Investment Hub for Africa" by 2025. This vision is achievable thanks to the tens of billions of dollars earmarked by major mining projects over the next decade, a progressive energy development policy that will make Guinea a hydroelectric power in 10 years, an ambitious agricultural strategy which will make the country an agricultural power by 2025, and the intention for Guinea to become a transport hub with multiple port, airport, road, rail and river infrastructure.

Namory Camara Namory Camara Managing Director of the Private Investment Promotion Agency (APIP) - GUINEA
6:30 am - 7:00 am Online

MALTA: The Gateway to Europe and Africa

This session will provide general public with information on Malta as a gateway between Africa and Europe, funding opportunities and support measures for new entrepreneurs investing in Malta.

Maria Zammit Micallef Maria Zammit Micallef Manager, Investment Promotion at Malta Enterprise - MALTA
7:00 am - 7:30 am Online

CROATIA: Investment Opportunities in the Republic of Croatia

Croatia is not only popular due to its natural beauty, world-famous inventors and some of the best athletes of today, it is also popular on account of its ease of doing business, excellent investment incentives, well-prepared institutional infrastructure, competitive workforce and excellent quality of life. Strong institutional support for sustainable development and new technologies, membership in the European Union, low taxes, secure property rights and progressive regulatory policies make Croatia one of the most desirable destinations for any foreign investor. The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development is at your disposal for all questions regarding investing in Croatia.

H.E. Pjer Šimunović H.E. Pjer Šimunović Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to the United States of America - CROATIA
Ana Čulo Ana Čulo Head of Sector for Investments, Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development - CROATIA
7:30 am - 8:00 am Online

SPAIN: Investment Opportunities In The Basque Country

The Basque Country is one of the most Innovative and Industrial regions in Europe. A perfect place for international companies interested in investing in a strategically located region with the highest standards in productivity and R&D, Highly skilled workforce, and an autonomous Tax System.

Marian Ibarrondo Marian Ibarrondo Director of Invest In The Basque Country - SPAIN
8:00 am - 8:30 am Online

SPAIN: Andalusia, Your Natural Gateway to Europe

This presentation will focus in the advantages of the region for companies operating in Andalucia, Spain and the services and incentives provided by the Regional administration for companies with investment plans and the sectors offering a better ecosystem and opportunities.

Fernando Ferrero Álvarez-Rementería Fernando Ferrero Álvarez-Rementería Investment Promotion Director, Regional Economic Development Agency of Andalucía, IDEA - SPAIN
8:30 am - 9:00 am Online

GEORGIA: A Pleasure Doing Business

In this presentation, the speaker will mainly talk about business climate of Georgia and how foreign investors can benefit from investing in Georgia. The focal issues discussed within the presentation will be as follow: 1. Why Georgia might be interesting for foreign investors – key competitive advantages 2. Country Profile 3. Georgia in international Rankings 4. Free Trade Agreements 5. Overview of Educational Systems and Labor Force Market 6. Competitiveness of Operation Costs 7. Tax System 8. Government Support Tools

Tornike Zirakishvili Tornike Zirakishvili Deputy CEO, Enterprise Georgia/Invest in Georgia - GEORGIA
9:00 am - 9:30 am Online

MOLDOVA: Your Next Destination For Investments

The topic will cover the investment climate of the Republic of Moldova described through its strategic sector, a friendly fiscal system and investment platforms with attractive incentives.

Rodica Verbeniuc Rodica Verbeniuc General Director, Agency of Investments of the Republic of Moldova - MOLDOVA
9:30 am - 10:00 am Online

ARMENIA: Invest in Armenia

The topic will provide comprehensive and precise information on the Current Economic Situation, Investment Opportunities as well as the Priority Sectors of Armenia. It defines: 1. Why Armenia is considered a country of equal opportunities for business open to inward investment, 2. How highly qualified and highly productive workforce, low labor costs, and tax measures offer new opportunities to foreign investors, 3. How preferential trade regimes provide a gateway to major markets. The presentation also takes a detailed look at The Investment Policy and FDI Legislation of the country and the series of reforms that are being carried out in order to improve the investment and business climate.e

Edik Harutyunyan Edik Harutyunyan Manager of Investment Promotion and Foreign Relations at Enterprise Armenia - ARMENIA
10:00 am - 10:30 am Online

MOZAMBIQUE: Business Climate and Investment Opportunities in Mozambique

This presentation will focus on the Business Climate in Mozambique amid the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic; the tax and non - tax benefits offered to investors, as well as investment opportunities in the priority sectors.

H. E. Carlos dos Santos H. E. Carlos dos Santos Ambassador of the Republic of Mozambique to the USA - MOZAMBIQUE
10:30 am - 11:00 am Online

NORTH MACEDONIA: Investment and Trade Opportunities

Invest North Macedonia, a governmental institution in charge for attraction of foreign investments and promotion of the export potential of North Macedonia. North Macedonia is situated in Eastern Europe with well-developed infrastructure and connectivity. The country offers free access to a market of €650 million customers through the Free Trade Agreements it has signed with the EU, CEFTA, EFTA countries, Ukraine, Turkey and the UK. North Macedonia is a NATO member and EU membership candidate country. The country offers attractive investment and trade opportunities in target sectors: Machine Automotive components, ICT, Agribusiness and Food Processing, Textile industry, Pharmaceuticals and Medical devices, Energy and Tourism. The country offers flat tax system, availability of qualifies workforce and attractive financial support to investments.

Dejan Pavleski Dejan Pavleski Director of Invest North Macedonia - NORTH MACEDONIA
11:00 am - 11:30 pm Online

LEBANON: Invest in Lebanon

Despite the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact of the Beirut blast, Lebanon still offers ample investment opportunities that rely on its competitive advantages mainly a highly educated and competitive workforce, especially in Science and STEM education. Lebanon has the opportunity to serve as the tech outsourcing hub for the region, capitalizing on its services oriented and low cost workforce and turn into the creative hub for the region, including digital content creation, advertising, marketing, graphic design, etc. The COVID 10 pandemic has also highlighted the potential of Lebanon to thrive into heath technology, bringing innovative solutions to the prevention market

Dr. Mazen Soueid Dr. Mazen Soueid Chairman-General Manager, Investment Development Authority of Lebanon - LEBANON
11:30 am - 12:00 pm Online

ESTONIA: Estonia as the Global Supply Chain Strengthener

Geopolitical changes, environmental impact and the pandemic are highlighting the vulnerability in global supply chains. How to adapt to customers' needs and ensure just-in-time deliveries? The solution is closer than you think.

James York James York Director of US Business & Innovation at Enterprise Estonia - ESTONIA
12:00 pm - 12:30 pm Online

GERMANY: Germany – Industrial tradition with a green and sustainable future

Germany is a world-renowned business and manufacturing location. From its celebrated automotive industry, through chemicals and engineering, to Industrie 4.0, Germany has consistently been at the forefront of technological leadership. Now feted as a global powerhouse for innovation, Germany is embracing new industries, such as the digital economy, quickly converting the country into one of the world's leading hubs for digital innovation. In order to meet the worldwide challenges of climate change and implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the German government has also set up ambitious goals for the transformation of the economy towards green technology, renewable energy and sustainability. This offers great investment opportunities for companies from the greentech, cleantech and energy transition sectors. With a world-class infrastructure, premium R&D capabilities, a skilled and flexible labor force and a national strategy geared towards innovation, Germany is your place to invest.

Achim Hartig Achim Hartig Managing Director of Germany Trade and Invest - GERMANY
12:30 pm - 1:00 pm Online

CZECH REPUBLIC: Investment and Trade Opportunities in the Czech Republic

The presentation will briefly introduce CzechInvest (government agency working under the Ministry of Industry and Trade) and its services, all of which are free of charge. After that, we will go through selected priority sectors that offer the best opportunities for foreign companies entering the Czech market as well as the country’s fast-growing startup ecosystem, financial support, and R&D institutions.

Matej Zahradnik Matej Zahradnik Director of East Coast Operations at Czech Invest - CZECH REPUBLIC
1:00 pm - 1:30 pm Online

MALAYSIA: Doing Business In Malaysia

The topic will cover on Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) jurisdictions and portfolio, introduce Malaysia for prospects of doing business along with its growth opportunities in potential sectors in the manufacturing and services sectors within the economy. It will also showcase the various options for investors to consider its business set ups and highlight tax incentives offered. Besides this, the presentation will provide investments trends by foreign investors in Malaysia and the latest initiatives by Malaysian Government to attract investments amidst Covid-19.

Nelson Samuel Nelson Samuel Director Malaysian Investment Development Authority, New York - MALAYSIA
1:30 pm - 2:00 pm Online

COLOMBIA: Barranquilla and the state of Atlantico: A strategic platform for your investment

The port-city of Barranquilla is an export-platform located in the north coast of Colombia that connects in less than 4 days with the east coast of the United States and has market access to 1.5 billion consumers in more than 60 countries that hold commercial agreements with Colombia. Barranquilla is the educational hub of the Colombian Caribbean region, providing a large pool of skilled labor to support its economic growth and the arrival of new investments. In terms of business infrastructure, Atlantico has a wide range of options to develop industrial, commercial and service activities. However, many companies serving foreign markets prefer to settle in a free trade zone, which we have 4, in order to take advantage of its customs, logistics and operational benefits, which are translated into savings of around 20% relative to operating outside this special tax regime. Finally, we have a local government that understands the needs of the private sector, and works hand-in-hand with them in order to drive investments and economic development.

Maria Alejandra Henriquez Suarez Maria Alejandra Henriquez Suarez Head of Inbound Investments at Probarranquilla - COLOMBIA
2:00 pm - 2:30 pm Online

LATVIA: The heart of the New Nordics for smart foreign direct investments

Latvia is a hidden gem of the European Union for international companies that are seeking an excellent balance of educated and multilingual workforce, high-quality infrastructure at reasonable costs and a competitive tax policy framework. Latvia is proud to become the most innovative country in the Baltic states and one of the most startup-friendly countries in the world. The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia will present the main advantages of the business environment, hidden opportunities and main benefits that are available to international companies and investors in Latvia.

Tarass Leočko Tarass Leočko Senior Investment Advisor at the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia - LATVIA
2:30 pm - 3:00 pm Online

KAZAKHSTAN: Invest in Kazakhstan

Zhandos Temirgali Zhandos Temirgali Managing Director of Investment Promotion and Marketing Division, "KAZAKH INVEST" National Company JSC - KAZAKHSTAN
3:00 pm - 3:30 pm Online

TURKEY: Why Invest in Turkey?

Turkish economy has been robustly growing with an annual average real GDP growth rate of 5.1% over the past 18 years. With a population of 84 million, Turkey has a dynamic and growing domestic market which has been a key driver of the economic growth. In addition to the domestic market, Turkey also offers access to regional markets. Turkey is at the crossroad of Europe and Asia, offering a convenient geo-strategic location for global companies to access lucrative markets in Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia. With its diversified manufacturing and services industries, skilled labor force, strategic location, free trade agreements (Custom Union with the EU and free trade agreements with around 20 countries), logistics infrastructure, and many other capabilities, Turkey is an ideal location for multinational companies as a hub for manufacturing, management, and export as all as a reliable partner to plug into global value chains.

Necmettin Kaymaz Necmettin Kaymaz US Country Director, Presidency of the Republic of Turkey Investment Office - TURKEY
3:30 pm - 4:00 pm Online

CANADA: Investment & Expansion Opportunities in New Brunswick, Canada

In our presentation we will provide an overview of investment and expansion opportunities in New Brunswick, Canada. We will discuss areas and industries of focus for the province, as well as traditional areas of strength for companies that are looking to establish a North American presence. We will discuss the innovation, infrastructure, people, and agility that can be available to support and facilitate a company’s expansion plans into New Brunswick, Canada – ranging from our business development team, to our export development and client engagement team. Our organization, as an agency of the Government of New Brunswick, provides concierge services to each company to assist in their expansion plans to New Brunswick. We work to facilitate companies success in operating in our region which boasts an unparalleled quality of life and a strategic nearshore advantage with access not only to North America, but to Europe and many other jurisdictions across the globe.

Jesse Graham Jesse Graham International Business Development Executive at Opportunities New Brunswick - CANADA
4:00 pm - 4:30 pm Online

JAMAICA: Invest in Jamaica

Diane Edwards Diane Edwards President of JAMPRO - JAMAICA
4:30 pm - 5:00 pm Online

FINLAND: The Changing Face of International Trade: Sustainability, Climate Change and Cleantech in Finland

The topic will cover sustainability on both the environmental and business side, with a key focus on Finland’s cleantech industry. Responding to the challenge of climate change contributing to the transformation of the energy sector this has been Finland’s bread and butter. As energy needs increase worldwide, the demands to find answers for energy consumption, production and distribution intensifies. With the cold climate, dark seasons, long distances and energy intensive industry has lead Finland to become one of the forerunner countries in smart energy solutions. As Finland consistently ranks high in this area the world sees firsthand the capability Finland has in the green economy.

Megan Williams Megan Williams Foreign Direct Investment Strategic Advisor for Business Finland - FINLAND
5:00 pm - 5:30 pm Online

PARAGUAY: Land of Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in learning more about investing in Paraguay, Land of Opportunities, and gateway to the MERCOSUR (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay) common market of more than 250 million consumers. In this presentation, we will discuss the investment advantages, investment regimes and trade preferences Paraguay can offer your investment. Come learn about South America’s most resilient, financially stable and fastest growing market, which can offer your business a 100% renewable hydroelectric energy supply.

Federico Sosa Federico Sosa Director of Attraction of Investments, REDIEX, Ministry of Industry and Commerce - PARAGUAY


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