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Day 4 – 15th April

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2:30 am - 3:00 am Online

Opening Remarks

Opening remarks and welcoming of participants to the Think Global Conference

Ranjani Rangan Ranjani Rangan International Trade Council - Chairperson SEA
3:00 am - 3:30 am Online

SALES & MARKETING: Crowdsourcing content for brand marketing

YouTube is now the second largest search engine after Google, yet 65% of search terms have no video. In fact, video marketing is still the preserve of big brands. But with 2.5bn high definition smart phones around the world, there's a high chance that your product has been captured in action by some passionate brand advocates. In this session, Justin wastnage, CEO of user-generated video content platform Vloggi explains how to source, manage and brand video clips from your customers in your marketing.

Justin Wastnage Justin Wastnage CEO and Founder of Vloggi - AUSTRALIA
3:30 am - 4:00 am Online

SALES & MARKETING: How To Overhaul Your Digital Brand For a Post-Covid Business Environment

Covid has accelerated trends in digital business practices such as remote working, digital events, e-commerce, and reliance on digital channels for generating new leads and sales. Although these practices may drop off slightly post-covid, they will not disappear. They will continue to change the business landscape in the long term. Brands must adapt to stay competitive in this new digital business environment. This presentation will focus on affordable and easy-to-implement changes that B2B and traditionally face-to-face businesses can make to optimize their digital presence for effective communication, lead generation, and sales.

Matthew Sherrod Gibson Matthew Sherrod Gibson CEO of UpThink - HONG KONG
4:00 am - 4:30 am Online

SALES & MARKETING: How to build your brand in China

Brand positioning is the navigation to expand the market, and it is also a solution to lay the foundation for brand communication. If the brand cannot be effectively positioned to convey the personality and image recognized by consumers, it cannot stand out from the massive market in China. Therefore, we will show you the reason why we must first figure out brand positioning briefly and then we will also introduce China's best practices to show how to take a step by step brand positioning strategy in China.

Wendy Chen Wendy Chen Head of Digital Products at ChoZan - CHINA
4:30 am - 5:00 am Online

SALES & MARKETING: How to enter the China market

Despite under a difficult time impacted by covid-19, China’s economy has continued to grow over the last 12 months. The challenge of entering China market has become an increasingly important topic for Western companies. With the topic, we will discover the very unique way of China consumer behaviors, digital marketing strategies, B2B & B2C different approaches, all these will give you an easy understanding of what are the critical parts are.

Annabella Zhuang Annabella Zhuang Business Director, Co-founder of DSIGN - HONG KONG
5:00 am - 5:30 am Online

SALES & MARKETING: Digital Marketing Strategy for SMEs

Learn key aspects of digital marketing strategy for small medium enterprises (SMEs) and discover which inbound and outbound online marketing strategies work best for export and import businesses.

J C SUM J C SUM Strategy Consultant at Evolve & Adapt - SINGAPORE
5:30 am - 6:00 am Online

SALES & MARKETING: How to increase your online sales without more advertising

Learn why 98% of your visitors don't buy from you and what you can do about it.

Faisal Hourani Faisal Hourani Founder of WebMedic - MALAYSIA
6:00 am - 6:30 am Online

SALES & MARKETING: How to deliver a Great Customer Experience to Drive Business Growth

Customer Experience is the most critical aspect that every business needs to consider. Whether you are doing any outbound activity or customer visiting your storefront. Building series of meaningful delights for your customer during the initial touch point will get them to purchase your product/service. After getting them connected, the customer experience doesn't stop. This is where the real magic happens. Based upon their experience of using your product/service they will tell their friends & family, speak about you in public, write a review about it. Next level will be attending your events, collecting your merchandise, defend your brand against competitors. Everything starts from a great customer experience.

Kushal Kahar Kushal Kahar Founder & CEO of PulsAero - INDIA
6:30 am - 7:00 am Online

SALES & MARKETING: Digital Innovation & Brand Impact

Aarti Thakkar Aarti Thakkar Founder and Managing Director of Logisyntax - INDIA
8:00 am - 8:30 am Online

SALES & MARKETING: Keys to expanding your brand into Portugal

Digital Marketing and how it differs in the Portugese marketplace to others, what people should look out for and be aware, what things are most relevant for the Portugese marketplace, examples of sucess and results.

Gonçalo Soares Gonçalo Soares C.M.O at Creative Discovery - PORTUGAL
8:30 am - 9:00 am Online

SALES & MARKETING: Trade marketing as a value creator

Trade marketing is a branch of marketing that focuses on increasing demand with supply chain partners such as wholesalers, retailers, or at the distributor level, rather than just at the customer level. We will remark on the importance of trade marketing for brands, learning about the different strategies that will help them sell more. We will see how important it is for emerging companies to stand out at the point of sale.

Maria Secades Lopez Maria Secades Lopez New Business and Account Executive at Grupo WDi - SPAIN
9:00 am - 9:30 am Online

SALES & MARKETING: The basics of online marketing for exporters entering the UK

The United Kingdom’s 2019 figures for total spend equated to nearly $150 billion of online sales throughout the year, making up over 22.3% of all retail spend. As the third largest market for online sales, eCommerce businesses from other countries should strongly consider such a lucrative and stable eCommerce market. Do your homework on the country, culture, and the things the people use and produce, check tariffs, taxes and rules to trade first. Invest in a local web domain…

Darryl Antonio Darryl Antonio Managing Director at Digitalhound - UNITED KINGDOM
9:30 am - 10:00 am Online

SALES & MARKETING: Practical advice on reaching multi-cultural markets in the USA

The size of the market/s. Languages. Insights. Practical examples of decision making in Latin America and the US Hispanic market. (I will be sending this today in the afternoon)

Pablo Carpintero Pablo Carpintero CEO / Creative Director of Pablo Carpintero & Associates Inc. - USA
10:00 am - 10:30 am Online

SALES & MARKETING: Top 10 internet ranking factors for 2021

Everyone is searching for solutions to their problems, both private and corporate. Make sure that you are top of mind, and of search engines, when people are looking for services and solutions to their problems of which you offer. 9 out of 10 customer journeys starts with a search. Can you afford to neglect this possibility?

Hasan Fransson Hasan Fransson Head of search and creativity at Raqs SEO - Sweden
10:30 am - 11:00 am Online

SALES & MARKETING: The importance of personal branding for your international sales strategy

People buy from people, not companies and brands. In today’s digital society, this is no longer an option to be overlooked, and your personal brand needs to be marketed just like your products and services. The more successful you want your business to be, the more important personal branding becomes. In this presentation, you will: learn how to stand out from the competition and maximize the value for your business through conscious personal branding in the digital space. understand why personal branding of the CEO and employees has to be part of your international sales strategy get a 7 question framework to put your personal brand strategy together.

Olesija Saue Olesija Saue Business strategist/partner at Goal Marketing, certified executive coach, personal branding expert, and co-author of the book on personal branding The Brand Named You - ESTONIA
11:00 am - 11:30 am Online

SALES & MARKETING: Targeting EU-based clients: Localisation and standing out in search engines

Whether we are talking about a joke that is offensive in the wrong context, or a cultural reference that makes no sense in the country where you are trying to sell your product, localization is the art of adapting communication to audience, making it more suitable and relatable. Your message is heard better when it’s designed with your audience in mind. Localization ensures that your content is culturally and linguistically adapted to your clients in a way that feels natural. If you’re trying to promote a multicooker in Sweden, it might be unwise to go on and on about how useful the product will be for making traditional mango pie now that the fruit is in season. That’s where localization comes in - culturally-sensitive specialists adapt your message to the country, or even area, where you are trying to expand your business. And now you will find out how that translates to better SEO results, as well.

Tiago Carruco Tiago Carruco Business Development Manager at The Happy Beavers - ESTONIA
11:30 am - 12:00 pm Online

SALES & MARKETING: TikTok - The basics of influencer marketing on TikTok and how to get started

I will be talking about the do's and dont's with TikTok influencer marketing Potential scams to look out for and avoid. The goal of TikTok marketing and how to measure the ROI The different ways to go about finding influencers. The potential issues to look out for when working with influencers on TikTok.

Abraham ('AB') Lieberman Abraham ('AB') Lieberman CEO / Founder of Clicks Talent - USA
12:00 pm - 12:30 pm Online

SALES & MARKETING: Using Sponsorship to Breakthrough – A Strategic Approach to Reaching Your Desired Audience

Sporting events, festivals and industry conferences are the heartbeat of humanity. They connect people, build communities, strengthen business ecosystems, entertain and champion causes that can change the world. When people engage in the things they are passionate about...we all win. It’s no secret, the advertising industry has changed. While Google Adwords and social channels have transformed the digital advertising and influencer industries providing reach, sponsorship provides reach with relevance. How can you harness that benefit in live AND virtual sponsorships.

Brad McCabe Brad McCabe Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Sponsor Circle - CANADA
12:30 am - 1:00 pm Online

SALES & MARKETING: Localizing your digital media buying to maximize international growth potential

We talk a lot in advertising about building trust; trust as the foundation of a strong brand-to-consumer relationship. But even if a brand has nailed this in one country or region — the UX is smooth, the website has won awards, the ad campaigns run like well oiled machines and deliver consistently strong ROAS — the same company cannot take for granted that this will translate directly to success when entering a new market. In this case, one size does not always fit all, no matter how well it’s been done before. New market = new playbook. Brands have to approach entering and advertising in new markets in a highly localized way. Even though businesses may exists within a global marketplace, media consumption habits and purchasing behaviours can differ greatly from country to country. In order to build a solid foundation of trust with new consumers in a new international market, a brand’s digital marketing and media buying strategy has to "think small to go big”. Media buying is the art + science of using quantifiable data and qualitative research to reach the right person at the right time in the right context with the right content. Missing the mark means not only wasted impressions and decreased ROI, but potential harm to a brand’s hard earned reputation at home. Topics covered • Specificity/defining and finding your audience “think small to go big” • Cultural sensitivity • New market = new playbook • Media Mix considerations • Cross-border data regulations • Path to purchase experience/pain points

Avril Tomlin-Hood Avril Tomlin-Hood Director of Media at Idea Rebel - CANADA
1:30 pm - 2:00 pm Online

SALES & MARKETING: Future Proofing Your Brand

Robert Jendrzejczak Robert Jendrzejczak Founder of New Street - CANADA
2:00 pm - 2:30 pm Online

SALES & MARKETING: Behind the Hype: Does Digital Marketing Actually Work?

Andy Kieffer, venture capitalist and vetran startup exec, recently took over the helm as the operational CEO for a marketing tech company. As this was his first foray into the world of marketing, he immediately set out to get a handle on things by interviewing CMOs, brand managers, agencies. What he found out was fairly shocking - the vast majority of marketing spending has little or no measurable impact. Billions of dollars are spent on techniques and tactics that may have worked 10 years ago but, due to saturation, overuse, and general changes in the landscape are a complete waste of time and money. Yet we still throw money at them out of tradition and habit. He'll also cover influencer marketing and the trend toward progressively more targeted micro- and nano-influencers. Join him to hear and share common sense stories of what's working and what's definitely NOT working in modern marketing.

Andy Kieffer Andy Kieffer CEO, VoxFeed - MEXICO
2:30 pm - 3:00 pm Online

SALES & MARKETING: Using search engines to target new customer acquisition

We will be discussing how to use search engines for branding, web traffic, lead and generation, new customer acquisition, and overall business growth. Topics will include the importance of a presence on both search engines and social media, why paid search engine advertising is important, and how the internet is becoming a pay – to – play environment. I will be open to a Q and A session afterwards if the venue / audience desires.

John Colascione John Colascione Chief Executive Officer, Founder, President of Internet Marketing Services - USA
3:00 pm - 3:30 pm Online

SALES & MARKETING: Organic Agriculture Product Marketing

Going global can expand the market reach of your agriculture products and help you access untapped markets for increased revenue. However, global product marketing is rarely one size fits all. You will require a different marketing strategy and potential target audience for each market you plan to expand into. In this session, Jamie Hardin, CEO and Founder of GreenLit Marketing, will introduce global product marketing, discuss marketing considerations and challenges when going global, and share a global marketing blueprint your company can follow to help ensure international success.

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm Online

SALES & MARKETING: The short term and long term effects of content marketing as a new business generator

Robb Fahrion will address the short and long term effects of content marketing as a new business generator. With a content focused marketing approach, manufacturers and service providers are able to build authority for their brand by providing answers and insights to their customers' questions. In the short term, content is used to pique interest of new potential customers by placing the information in front of them strategically through paid ad placement. Long term, the build up of content and expert information drives huge potential inbound traffic growth and positions a company's domain as an authoritative voice and source of information in their particular space.

Robb Fahrion Robb Fahrion Partner at The Flying V Group - USA
4:00 pm - 4:30 pm Online

SALES & MARKETING: TV and digital attribution, what is it? and how recent news from Apple and Google are impacting it.

The TV and digital advertising industries are going through a massive shift right now. New privacy rules and regulations in conjunction with the latest Apple and Google data sharing policies, have shuffled the cards on tracking consumers online and are dramatically impacting advertising performance measurements. In this talk we will cover: What is TV & digital attribution? What type of tracking are consumers subjected to while watching TV, online browsing or on mobile devices? The new tracking changes implemented by big tech and the impact this has on data collection quality for attribution

Shira Witelson Shira Witelson Founder of RSLT.IO - USA
4:30 pm - 5:00 pm Online

SALES & MARKETING: Lightning-Fast Strategic Moves: Using Clear Brand Values to Adapt to Change

Whether you're expanding into a new market or weathering an unprecedented moment like the COVID-19 pandemic, strong brand values empower you to quickly and effectively adapt to new conditions. If marketing suddenly felt uncomfortable or confusing at the onset of the pandemic, or if you've had difficulty localizing a winning product with a culturally disjointed global audience, the likely culprit is your core brand guidelines. In this talk, we'll share: our findings from interviews with Fortune 1000 marketing executives about the tools they used to turn on a dime when COVID-19 struck; how to transform your brand values into a framework that can guide your response to any market, opportunity or crisis; and how values can adapt as your business grows. If your brand is feeling stale, adrift, or undefined against competitors, attend this session and discover how to supercharge the core of your business identity.

Brian Erickson Brian Erickson Chief Strategy Officer, Partner at Cardwell Beach - USA
2:30 am - 3:00 am Online

Opening Remarks

Opening remarks and welcoming of participants to the Think Global Conference

Ranjani Rangan Ranjani Rangan International Trade Council - Chairperson SEA
4:00 am - 4:30 am Online

TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS: How to leverage technology to understand consumer needs in a changing marketplace

The session will focus on the use of digital platforms, machine learning and community engagement to understand and connect with consumers. Global brands that service niche markets throughout the world cannot rely on traditional methods of lab based or recruited panel solutions to understand, track and service an increasingly diverse and fast changing consumer base. Only digital solutions, with their ability to access the far reaches of the globe and nuanced demographic segments can support the brands of tomorrow.

Daniel D. Protz Daniel D. Protz Founder & CEO of FlavorWiki - SWITZERLAND
4:30 am - 5:00 am Online

TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS: Technological developments redefining international trade

Emerging technologies and leading innovations across industries globally that are changing how we do business to maximise productivity and efficiency in areas manufacturing, supply chain, distribution and customer experience, as they are affected through technologies like A.I, Blockchain and Nanotechnologies.

Dare Odumade Dare Odumade Founder/CEO of Chekkit - NIGERIA
5:00 am - 5:30 am Online

TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS: Why Conversational AI has become the #1 Tech Trend

Tania Peitzker Tania Peitzker Company Director & Chief Evangelist - AI Bots as a Service / AI Baas - GERMANY
8:00 am - 8:30 am Online

SALES & MARKETING: How to communicate your competitive advantages during a pandemic

When COVID-19 struck, every company in the world had to change its communications strategy. Companies that were able to act quickly and communicate effectively as operations teams worked to pivot came out ahead. Now, as we head into year two of the pandemic, and countries work tirelessly to return to pre-pandemic life, communicators and marketers must remain vigilant with their messaging to stay competitive. COVID-19 eliminated some competitors as it made some stronger and gave rise to a new breed of pandemic-borne products, services and companies that have taken foot. This rise of "new normal" competition requires that organizations work even harder to stand out. In "How to Communicate Your Competitive Advantages During a Pandemic," Vult Lab CEO Kelly Ann Collins will share steps you can take today to move forward—via social media, public relations, advertising and more.

Kelly Ann Collins Kelly Ann Collins CEO at Vult Lab
8:30 am - 9:00 am Online

How to use positive influence for power and profits

How can you build your personal influence in business and make a positive impact on the world. The key? Focus not on what you get, but what you give. I’ll be sharing action steps of how to access, utilize, develop, expand, and ultimately constructively use your influence to get a maximum outcome with your business, while at the same time making the world a better place. The focus is about relationship building for the purpose of developing highly effective and strategic business networks or spheres of influence. I’ll tap into the growing awareness amongst business leaders, that while personal and business influence is necessary for success, once influence is developed, it must be used in a way that’s socially responsible. It is the powerful antidote to the obsolete belief that “greed is good.” Success and power are good—but only if you give back.

Gary C. Laney Gary C. Laney Founder and CEO of Success Masters - USA
9:00 am - 9:30 am Online

SALES & MARKETING: Getting the Most from Your Content

We will be covering how to maximize both content budgets and the content produced. Content can be a large source of waste both in the budgeting and bandwidth for a marketing team. Ensuring content planning will be effective depends on a strong grip on the current customer base interests, the perspective customer or fan lifestyles and aspirations, and the utilization of existing networks within the team as well as the ability to develop new contacts efficiently.

Ben Classen Ben Classen Agency Director of Skeleton Key Agency - USA
9:30 am - 10:00 am Online

SALES & MARKETING: The importance of social media to your global business

Many would be excused if they believed that, with TikTok, Twich, and other platforms with young users, social media was of little value to bricks and mortar businesses, or firms involved in International Trade - and that traditional media was still king. But the truth is the opposite. According to a recent Pew Research study, YouTube has grown to a point where 13 percent of the people surveyed only get their news from the video platform, and just 23 percent focus only on traditional media, with 59 percent having YouTube as part of a mix of media types they get news from. My talk will focus on how businesses should think about and use social media, and the importance of a multi-platform approach, as well as reputation management. By the end, viewers will agree that hiring someone to do social media just because they're young is wrongheaded, and that doing it the wrong way or not at all can be bad for your business.

Zenophon Abraham, Jr. Zenophon Abraham, Jr. Founder and CEO, Zennie62Media - USA
10:00 am - 10:30 am Online

SALES & MARKETING: Why Organic Celebrity Placements are the Holy Grail of Marketing, and How to Score One

Priscila Martinez Priscila Martinez CEO & Founder at The Brand Agency - USA
10:30 am - 11:00 am Online

SALES & MARKETING: Three ways To WIN with digital marketing in 2021

Create marketing that reflects your brand focus, communicates your unique position that accomplishes specific goals during the buyer’s journey while being tracked, optimized, and repeated.

Joseph Meyers Joseph Meyers CEO of Share - USA
11:00 am - 11:30 am Online

SALES & MARKETING: The Future of a Brand Promise: Positioning Your Brand for Success

The future is bright. Gone are the days of shiny “cause marketing” campaigns, now a prerequisite, and here to stay are the days where brands are held accountable for living their values, walking the talk through their actions and committing to purpose-driven impact every single day. There is a better way for brands to do business and for consumers to use their dollars to invest in the future. This session takes a look at how companies can use Values, Action and Impact to create a durable brand promise that gives back to the world we live in and positions a company for long-term success. In this session, attendees will learn about: What is a brand promise, who cares about a brand promise, why and how to set your brand apart, and how to create a brand promise that position a company for long-term success.

Anna Madill Anna Madill Founder and CEO of Avenue - USA
11:30 am - 12:00 pm Online

SALES & MARKETING: Brand Position, Awareness, Equity & Voice

This presentation will answer questions about the simple word “brand” and why you need it. You will find out what a brand is and what it is not. You will get information that will be clear & concise. how to get it, manage it, speak it and protect it.

Connie Fry Connie Fry Founder/Creative Director of CKF Creative - USA
12:00 pm - 12:30 pm Online

MARKET RESEARCH: The Growth Market - Understanding the benefits of AfCFTA and doing business in Africa

Africa is one of the world’s fastest-growing consumer market and will be worth $5.6 trillion within the next 10 years according to Today, many companies want to expand their operations across the continent, but the old belief persists - Africa is divided, risky and problematic. Under the new agreement - African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), analogous processes and procedures are being implemented to facilitate trade and streamline doing business across the continent. In this presentation, manufacturing companies, export-import and related service providers will learn key benefits of AfCFTA and strategies on how to effectively enter and win in Africa.

Louis Bena, Benatshipama Louis Bena, Benatshipama Founder and Director of Impetus Africa Group - CANADA
12:30 pm - 1:00 pm Online

Dagmara Szulce Dagmara Szulce Global Managing Director at the International Advertising Association - USA
1:00 pm - 1:30 pm Online

SALES & MARKETING: Finding foreign customers using Linkedin

I will go over the multiple options and ways in which to use Linkedin both from the free profile to upgraded profiles to talk about how business can find customers globally. How to use Groups, search filters, and various options available to them and a little about the controls that are in place also.

JP Van Dyke JP Van Dyke President of JAC Consulting, LLC - USA
1:30 pm - 2:00 pm Online

SALES & MARKETING: Best Practices for Marketing Your Business through SEO, PR & Digital Marketing

Successful franchise marketing requires a holistic approach. Your franchisees are part of your professional family. You should be as selective about who you accept into that family as they should be about choosing a franchise that is a good fit for them. When it comes to franchise marketing, you want to attract the right business-minded individuals who are aligned with your business values, who will help you successfully grow your brand. The value that drives a brand’s strategy is its story. This presentation will explore best practices for marketing your brand/business through today’s latest SEO, PR and digital platforms.

Matthew Jonas Matthew Jonas President & Co-founder at TopFireMedia - USA
2:00 pm - 2:30 pm Online

SALES & MARKETING: Autonomous Marketing Systems - Opportunities and Limitations

This topic covers the challenges faced by Small-Mid sized businesses in their marketing and the overwhelming landscape of digital tools. Automation tools abound, but require considerable expertise for setup and expert management. The topic introduces the idea of Autonomous Systems for Marketing, systems that self-configure and self-manage, freeing up precious time and resources for time constrained businesses. The immense opportunities of autonomous systems is explored while also identifying current limitations and challenges. The talk ends with a peek into the next 3-5 years of Sales and Marketing systems and what organisations can look forward to, to help enable great Marketing and Sales.

Roop Kumar Bhadury Roop Kumar Bhadury CEO of Engag3d - USA
2:30 pm - 3:00 pm Online

SALES & MARKETING: How to Connect Your Inspiring Story with Your Exact Target Market

We live in a world where you can access anyone in moments. The question is, what will you say, how will you say it, and will it be heard. Understanding who you are and what you do isn’t enough. You must inspire to get engagement, and speak a language you may not understand to get your market's attention. In this session we will show you what you need to understand to have success in building an inspiring story and get it in front of your exact target market!

Nathan Kievman Nathan Kievman CEO of Linked Strategies - USA
3:00 pm - 3:30 pm Online

SALES & MARKETING: How to price your products

How to price your products? Business success is pricing your products correctly, It will make or break how much you sell, so take some time to make great pricing strategy to prosper your company sales goals. Pricing doing wrong will make any product or service continue to struggle to make sales and provide value to their target niche. Like to go a bit deep in this presentation to understand, pricing done right.

Shan Cladvi Shan Cladvi Co-founnder at Optiin com
3:30 pm - 4:00 pm Online

SALES & MARKETING: Performance as a Growth Metric: Optimizing Your Website for SEO (Search) & CRO (Conversions)

I will be presenting and speaking about the differences between Search Engine Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization and how implementing the best practices for both optimization techniques strengthens your marketing performance while maximizing your ROI. Search Engine Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization are two very different animals, but together they are a match made in heaven. While SEO (Search Engine Optimization) boosts traffic to your website, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) helps you generate leads and ultimately sales for your business. By carefully planning and implementing both SEO and CRO into your content marketing strategy it's a win-win.

Annette C. Sage Annette C. Sage CEO at Sage Design Group, LLC - USA
4:00 pm - 4:30 pm Online

SALES & MARKETING: How to reach the US healthcare consumer market with SEO marketing

It's 2021. 90% of the United States population is online and 87% of all purchase decisions begin with an online search. Because of the global pandemic, internet usage is growing faster than ever while consumers shift to remote work, digital socializing and enormous increases in time spent online... Yet very few businesses have any real idea how to get the attention of their ideal customers and convert them into buyers. And of the ones who try, 9 out of 10 are doing it wrong - spending too much for too little and missing out on the vast majority of their market (up to 97% in most cases). If you are looking to reach more customers, build authority in your marketplace and take a commanding lead over your competition – there has never been a better opportunity than right now. And I'm going to show you how to do exactly that.

Devin Schumacher Devin Schumacher Founder & Head of Growth at SERP Co - USA
4:30 pm - 5:00 pm Online

SALES & MARKETING: Building your go-to-market strategy

The way Enterprises explore, procure and consume technology has changed drastically since the onset of Cloud in the early 2000s. In its 2nd decade we are truly living in a Cloud-First, Cloud-Only Era for Technology products and solutions. Cloud has also made it easy for many Startups to sprout across the globe like mushrooms. These two trends have contributed to make the growth opportunities for Startups complex. On the other end Enterprise leaders find it hard to differentiate one startup from another and most startups fail to build trust with the leaders. Because of this Enterprise leaders end up buying technology solutions from large, established software brands. This situation needs to reverse and the first step in that is crafting a solid and well thought out Market Definition and GTM Strategy.

Anand Muralidaran Anand Muralidaran Founder and CEO - Iconic Mindset LLC


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