Tiago Carruco

Tiago Carruco

Business Development Manager at The Happy Beavers - ESTONIA

Tiago Carruco is a multitalented (and multilingual) content management artist, business developer and world traveler who grew up in Portugal and somehow ended in Serbia for the past 5 years, with pit stops in Spain and Brazil. Did he ever imagine he would one day become a beaver? Not quite. And yet here he is chomping through the project management at The Happy Beavers and consulting clients on content marketing like never before.

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Day 4 – Stream 1 April 15, 2021
11:00 am - 11:30 am

SALES & MARKETING: Targeting EU-based clients: Localisation and standing out in search engines


Whether we are talking about a joke that is offensive in the wrong context, or a cultural reference that makes no sense in the country where you are trying to sell your product, localization is the art of adapting communication to audience, making it more suitable and relatable. Your message is heard better when it’s designed with your audience in mind. Localization ensures that your content is culturally and linguistically adapted to your clients in a way that feels natural. If you’re trying to promote a multicooker in Sweden, it might be unwise to go on and on about how useful the product will be for making traditional mango pie now that the fruit is in season. That’s where localization comes in - culturally-sensitive specialists adapt your message to the country, or even area, where you are trying to expand your business. And now you will find out how that translates to better SEO results, as well.