Tania Peitzker

Tania Peitzker

Company Director & Chief Evangelist - AI Bots as a Service / AI Baas - GERMANY

Due to Brexit and all the export/import issues for hardware it has brought, Tania relocated and reestablished her Low Code chatbot or Virtual Assistant company from the UK to Munich, Bavaria, in 2019. AI Bots as a Service, an innovative leader in Edge Computing, pivoted from 2D into 3D Mixed Reality applications for Smart Cities focussing on multilingual voice assistants and bespoke Cognitive Interfaces that are device agnostic. As of 2021, the German private company offers an SaaS development platform for OEM partners for direct B2B sales. Annual subscriptions are affordable and easy to implement by the clients’ software developers remotely, inhouse and customised from the AI BaaS Enterprise Cloud. Given the challenges of Sars-COV-II and inevitable future pandemics, Tania has created a “staycation” lifestyle of business travel & creative sabbaticals to manage AI BaaS clients and do her own Board level consulting around the world, as well as to lecture, research and write books at universities and business schools in various European countries. She and her family return regularly to her homelands of Australia and Germany.

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Day 4 - Stream 2 April 15, 2021
5:00 am - 5:30 am

TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS: Why Conversational AI has become the #1 Tech Trend