Steve Connelly

Steve Connelly

President and Copywriter of Connelly Partners - USA

Since founding Connelly Partners in 1999, Steve has methodically built a company based on empathy, humanity, creativity and curiosity. Connelly Partners has doubled down on defending humanity in a business that increasingly marginalizes it. Headquartered in Boston, with offices in Dublin and Vancouver, the agency is independent and outside the restrictions of a holding company. Steve and Connelly Partners believe in using anthropology to solve business challenges for brands including Titleist, Gorton’s Seafood, Williamsburg Tourism Council, Audi Ireland and more. The prototypical “Everyman,” Steve has used his gifts for human insights and his passion for connecting with people to create not just a growing business, but also a working environment and culture of humanity that has been recognized by AdAge and Boston Business Journal. Before Connelly Partners, Steve worked at several of Boston’s top agencies. Steve is a copywriter by trade, and outside of the office, can be found coaching high school basketball.

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Day 2 - Stream 2 April 13, 2021
9:30 am - 10:00 am

MARKET RESEARCH: Balancing technology and anthropology in your market research


Data is taking over. Algorithms are making all the decisions. Humans have been reduced to bits and bytes when marketers look for insights to generate messaging and strategy. Human behavior is being marginalized and the human right brain is being discounted. And that is a big mistake. Humans make emotional, illogical, spontaneous buying decisions that no algorithm could predict. Christie Brinkley was once Mrs. Billy Joel. Can an algorithm explain that? Steve Connelly will talk about the importance of balance in market research. Information vs. observation. What people say vs. what people do. For every data scientist on one side of the marketing see saw, there must be an anthropologist on the other side. Don’t over-rely on data. Use it certainly. But technology should be used to inform better questions, not to provide all the answers. The loss of and need for balance today is an incendiary topic, but one we will start to talk about and hopefully spark reaction in you.