Shriram Padale

Shriram Padale

Associate Partner (CEO Office) of MarketsandMarkets - INDIA

Shriram is the Associate Partner in CEO Office, MarketsandMarkets™ with tasks focused on strategic organizational initiatives, management consulting, market research, project management, performance management, brand management etc. He leads for managing MarketsandMarkets COVID-19 microsite (exclusive COVID-19 market research insights), Conference Partnerships, Digital Marketing, Marketing Campaigns etc. MarketsandMarkets™ is the world's largest revenue impact company, presently serving over 8000 organizations which include 80% of Fortune 2000 organizations. Under his leadership, MarketsandMarkets established various conferences’ associations and won awards like International Business Awards Vienna, APAC Stevie Awards, Golden Bridge & Innovation Awards San Francisco. Prior joining MarketsandMarkets, Shriram completed his MBA from prestigious Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and worked as Strategy Analyst in Ministry of Planning, Government of Andhra Pradesh.

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Day 2 - Stream 2 April 13, 2021
5:30 am - 6:00 am

MARKET RESEARCH: International Market Research : Global Perspectives around Product, Marketing and Innovation


Every B2B company will witness shifting revenue sources based on new use cases, new technologies, new clients, new partnerships, and new markets. While immediate clients are important in any business, there is something even more important that most businesses fail to consider while making business decisions—their clients and their client’s clients and the changing revenue mix. Your ecosystem is getting increasingly entangled with your clients and client’s clients. The entanglement of ecosystems will throw into sharp relief a huge number of unknown adjacencies. In this scenario, future revenues can be ascertained by determining the underlying Revenue Shifts, Interconnections, and the Unknown Unknowns that subsequently emerge. Foreseeing these interconnections and adjacencies can lead to new revenue opportunities and help evade blind spots. However, gaining actionable insights into these adjacencies is not always possible or feasible in terms of time and money for an organization. To harness your organization’s absolute potential, it is necessary to optimize the use of every function’s potential, be it sales, marketing, product, or M&A decisions.