Shan Cladvi

Shan Cladvi

Co-founnder at Optiin com

Shan Cladvi is on a mission to help small business owners all around the world and help grow there businesses online. He has a unique 10 plus year background in sales and marketing offline and another 7 years experience in online business building, elegant leadership, web design, content management, sales and marketing. He is Born and raised In Sri Lanka and living Winnipeg Canada last 15 years. He co-found software platform call that help small businesses to thrive online by e-commerce using modern no code website and online store Builder.

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Day 4 - Stream 2 April 15, 2021
3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

SALES & MARKETING: How to price your products


How to price your products? Business success is pricing your products correctly, It will make or break how much you sell, so take some time to make great pricing strategy to prosper your company sales goals. Pricing doing wrong will make any product or service continue to struggle to make sales and provide value to their target niche. Like to go a bit deep in this presentation to understand, pricing done right.