Petr Stransky

Petr Stransky

CEO & Founder of iCEIBA - USA

Business leader and Strategic advisor, building, growing & advising Tech companies 20+ yrs. across several sectors, inc. IT research, Business intelligence, Enterprise software, Digital payments, Digital media, Consumer electronics. Petr led large digital innovation projects in the corporate sector, partnering with technology vendors like IBM, Siemens, SAS Institute, SAP, Dell, and in the last five years, translating these experiences into the StartUp ecosystems. Petr is currently building iCEIBA - Dispute Recovery Platform for Commercial Claims and Litigations and advising innovative technology companies on GoToMarket strategies.

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Day 2 - Stream 2 April 13, 2021
3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS: Technological advancements in international commercial claims and debt recovery


Pursuing commercial claims and recovering debt in international space can be pretty challenging. Starting with the need to understand legal systems in different countries, find the right lawyers, have financing to pay them, and invest time in the recovery process, which might take months. Wait, is this still a case when we can trade in seconds across the words, use the e-commerce platforms to sell and buy any goods and pay for anything in any currency and communicate using apps to talk with anyone worldwide? Application of technology to solve problems in legal space for issues like pursuing breach of contract with a client overseas with ease and predictability might have been slow or non-existent so far, but that is and will be changing. This presentation will be about the most exciting opportunities to apply technology in this space and what services we might be able to use soon.