Nishant Mittal

Nishant Mittal

Founder, Business Manager at The Testament - INDIA

Nishant Mittal is a serial entrepreneur having started building his first company (The Testament) in college itself. He grew The Testament into a multi-crore company by the time he was graduating in an absolutely bootstrapped fashion. As a tech-based Manpower Outsourcing company, The Testament did pioneering work in Market Acquisition, Recruitment & Training Services, and worked with major Fortune500 companies, Start-ups and SMEs across the nation. The company has the experience of activating over 1500 resources across 300 cities of India for a plethora of Market Research, Acquisition and Training projects. The company now provides high value consulting to organizations looking at understanding the Indian Market. Nishant is now building SpotHealth - a community driven health platform based in New Delhi. The mission is to "make healthy living a mass movement" with the company's social platform, healthy food and other products and services. Apart from being an entrepreneur, Nishant is also an acclaimed musician. He has over 3,500 active listeners on Spotify and a couple of his songs (Accha Hua and Khwaahish) have become sleeper hits.

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Day 2 - Stream 2 April 13, 2021
6:00 am - 6:30 am

MARKET RESEARCH: The importance of market research when entering the Indian market


Indian market is a complex web of an extraordinarily diverse demographic. Our average population density is close to 400 persons/Square Km (as compared to 34 for US & 145 for China) while the GDP per capita is $2,100 (it's $65,000 and $11,000 for US & China, respectively). The complexity only begins here as the population is further divided in terms of languages and culture as we move from state to state. Navigating through such strange socioeconomic characteristics requires companies to be careful and agile in terms of market research. It's important for companies to be right with their STP to avoid major investment mishaps. My session would be focused on the kind of mix companies can deploy to be fool proof, as far as their goto market strategy is concerned.