Namory Camara

Namory Camara

Managing Director of the Private Investment Promotion Agency (APIP) - GUINEA

Namory Camara, Managing Director of the Private Investment Promotion Agency (APIP-Guinea), a business and law graduate, has more than 20 years of experience in the public, private and commercial sectors in Africa, Europe, and Asia. He began his work as an auditor with the Ministry of Finance and gained significant experience in customs and CGS audits. At the same time, he teaches business law at Kofi Annan University in Guinea. He later became Head of International Trade Development and Commercial Director at OAG Europe-Middle East and Africa, a world leader in aviation information and analysis: for 14 years, he distinguished himself by his leadership, versatility and knowledge of the national and international business environment, demonstrating a natural ability to retain his valuable clientele scattered throughout the world. An eloquent and persuasive speaker, he will visit more than 80 countries during his career to do business or to lead conferences.

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Day 1 - FDI April 12, 2021
6:00 am - 6:30 am

GUINEA: The Trade and Investment Hub for Africa


Our vision is to "make Guinea the Trade and Investment Hub for Africa" by 2025. This vision is achievable thanks to the tens of billions of dollars earmarked by major mining projects over the next decade, a progressive energy development policy that will make Guinea a hydroelectric power in 10 years, an ambitious agricultural strategy which will make the country an agricultural power by 2025, and the intention for Guinea to become a transport hub with multiple port, airport, road, rail and river infrastructure.