Martin Schweiger

Martin Schweiger

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Martin is a Patent and Trademark Attorney in Singapore and Munich. He is very much passionate about gearbox patents, business method patents, trademark infringement cases, and making start-ups and new products successful. Martin also runs a personal webpage that guides bright young people through the minefields that the IP profession has. This page is also helpful for seasoned Patent Attorneys and IP lawyers who are looking for ways to save time and increase their productivity, especially by giving their staff proper training.And there is more on the web: check out the first Google pages for "Martin Schweiger Singapore" or "Martin Schweiger Patent". There are two more prominent "Martin Schweiger" on Google, one is a famous programmer and the other one is a famous ice-hockey player. Both are remote cousins. And finally, Martin is also very dedicated to lifting weights. You can find out more about that if you Google for "Martin Schweiger powerlifting"."

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Day 3 – Stream 2 14 Apr 2021
03:30 am-04:00 am

TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS: Blockchain technology and 4x4 Innovation Financing