Kushal Kahar

Kushal Kahar

Founder & CEO of PulsAero - INDIA

Kushal Kahar is a hardcore enthusiast of art and technology. This love brought him into into the creative industry as a graphic designer and strategic thinker. After 5 years of experience with some of the leading players in the market, Kushal decided to pursue his ambition of creating his own business, leading to the formation of PulsAero. Kushal is creating a strategic atmosphere for creative minds and brands to thrive. In doing so he is starting internally by developing a new age workspace that's non-hierarchical, transparent, and flexible to work with companies in any part of the world.

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Day 4 – Stream 1 April 15, 2021
6:00 am - 6:30 am

SALES & MARKETING: How to deliver a Great Customer Experience to Drive Business Growth


Customer Experience is the most critical aspect that every business needs to consider. Whether you are doing any outbound activity or customer visiting your storefront. Building series of meaningful delights for your customer during the initial touch point will get them to purchase your product/service. After getting them connected, the customer experience doesn't stop. This is where the real magic happens. Based upon their experience of using your product/service they will tell their friends & family, speak about you in public, write a review about it. Next level will be attending your events, collecting your merchandise, defend your brand against competitors. Everything starts from a great customer experience.