Kate Fairhurst

Kate Fairhurst

CEO & Co-founder at GrowthMinds - UNITED KINGDOM

For start ups and scale ups, it's all about growth. If you want to get past the valley of death and move through the stages of the Startup J Curve, you need to be able to focus on activity that is actually going to deliver value, ignoring anything that will distract or take away control. I help businesses with this challenge. For much of my time this is as a co-founder of GrowthMinds. GrowthMinds is a startup growth consultancy that uses a combination of Brainwork and Legwork to allow a business to navigate the journey to scale. Our 4-step framework for business growth allows us to de-risk the journey to scale by focusing purely on value-driving activity. Our team of technical marketing experts then help implement activity and measure its performance against industry benchmarks. In this role, I work with our clients to identify and overcome any growth killers that are impeding their performance. The rest of my time is all about giving back. I mentor businesses on their growth strategies and help companies who need to find the right message, channel and tactics to succeed. From fintech scale ups to social enterprise start ups, I support leadership teams with advice and encouragement to get where they are going. It's lots of fun and is really quite rewarding too.

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Day 2 - Stream 1 13 Apr 2021
07:00 am-07:30 am

EXPORT 101: De-risking new market expansion