James Choi

James Choi


James Choi is a Senior Associate of ELLALAN. He specialises in handling a full range of IP contentious matters including IP enforcement, litigation, trademark oppositions, cancellations and invalidation. In particular, he has been advising and assisting some high profile clients, including Louis Vuitton (where he handles their IP enforcement works in Hong Kong), Alibaba Group (where he assists over 15 of Alibaba’s brands’ trademark opposition, invalidation and cancellation cases in over 20 countries, as well as company name complaint litigations, and domain name disputes), Capri Holdings Limited (owning Michael Kors, Versace and Jimmy Choo, where he assisted client in various enforcement matters in the Greater China Region), and Hong Kong Recording Industry Alliance (HK Registered Copyright Licensing Body representing Universal Music, Warner Music, Song Music etc., where he handles their high-profile dispute with Neway Music, as well as their enforcement portfolio in Hong Kong).

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Day 3 - Stream 1 April 14, 2021
4:00 am - 4:30 am

LEGAL ISSUES: Intellectual property right clauses that you must consider before signing


In most intellectual property right commercial disputes, your case is as good as the contract that you signed in the first place. In that aspect, well-drafted intellectual property right clauses not only maximize the legal protection for your intangible assets, but they can also save parties from having unnecessary arguments in the future by setting down at the outset a clear and agreed framework on how the parties handle intellectual property issues. Therefore, to be safe rather than sorry, businesses are always strongly encouraged to at least understand and consider the legal implications of the key intellectual property right clauses in various commercial contracts before entering into one. In this seminar, we will discuss in detail those key intellectual property clauses so that businesses will know what to look out for when signing such contracts.