Harish K Saini

Harish K Saini

Director of Recherche Digital - INDIA

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Day 2 - Stream 2 April 13, 2021
7:30 am - 8:00 am

SALES & MARKETING: How to Build USP in Four Easy Steps ( Even if you are just starting the business)


We all are aware of the word USP or competitive advantage. It is the major differentiator/s exhibited to the customer why your company should be chosen from your competition. Your ability to leverage competitive advantages is key to attracting customers, fans, and success. The only question to be answered is why you? Why someone hires you?Why someone buys your product & service? And if you have not done your homework then you might come up with something like your product is cheaper, better, long-lasting etc but your competitor might have used them already in their pitch. If you don’t have USP then you are another sheep in the herd and you will be judged on your weight, size or colour etc & in business world majorly on features and price. That means you can’t ask premium, you can’t make more sale until you reduce the price or increase features.