Geerish Bucktowonsing

Geerish Bucktowonsing

Director – Industry Sector, Economic Development Board - MAURITIUS

Geerish leads the Manufacturing Directorate at the Economic Development Board. His expertise is in Strategic Management & International Marketing for having served for more than 20 years in key management positions with both local & International reputable organisations. At EDB Mauritius, he has as responsibility amongst to sustain the economic development of the industry & is actively engaged to promote trade, business, and investment for the manufacturing sector. He has under his supervision major portfolios such as Textile & Apparel, Seafood, Agro-Processing, Light Engineering, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices etc… He holds an MBA from Edinburgh Business School and a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Technology of West Bengal. He has led a number of delegations for Trade & Investment promotion to Europe, USA and South Africa and has participated in a number of international workshops and seminars to sell the merits of doing business with Mauritius. He believes in the spirit of ‘Let make Things Happen’ and is not risk adverse to take initiatives to forge the way forward.

All Sessions by Geerish Bucktowonsing

Day 1 - FDI 12 Apr 2021
05:00 am-05:30 am

MAURITIUS: Re-engineering Regional Value Chain