Fiaz Mohammed

Fiaz Mohammed

President/CEO at Griffon Webstudios Inc.

Fiaz holds a master's degree in International Business. He founded Griffon Webstudios Inc in 2015 with an idea to solve marketing challenges for businesses and build interactive websites & mobile apps. Griffon Webstudios is now one of the fastest-growing marketing and web design agencies in New York. He has worked on several e-commerce projects with clients across the US and Canada.

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Day 3 – Stream 2 April 14, 2021
10:00 am - 10:30 am

ONLINE SELLING: Bringing your product online in the USA: ecommerce strategies for those new to the US marketplace


he presentation would cover all the e-commerce strategies that work best in the US marketplace. The talk would primarily focus on marketing products online in the US. The following topics would be covered. The e-commerce landscape in the US Entering the American market Strategies to make it big Benefits and Challenges for manufacturers and export/importers Sorting out the logistics part Digital marketing and promotional strategies E-commerce checklist