Eric Smith

Eric Smith

Director of Business Intelligence at LeadMD - USA

Eric Smith is an alumni of the Visual Perception, Neuroscience, and Cognition Lab at Northwestern University. He gets excited about discoveries that lie at the intersection of perception and reality. Professionally, Eric bridged into business as a researcher at NU's Ford Center for Global Citizenship and founding member of Diermeier Consulting (Firstsight Group), where he caught the strategy bug. He has 15 years of experience blending models of human social cognition, moral drivers, risk perception, media dynamics, reputation management, and marketing with business strategy. Along the way, he has met many interesting people with many interesting problems and has been lucky to be a part of solving them. He currently directs the Business Intelligence program at LeadMD (recently acquired by Trendline Interactive).

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Day 2 - Stream 1 April 13, 2021
3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

EXPORT 101: Market entry into challenging markets


When entering new markets, the rules of the game vary by country (and even by province). If we try to apply the same strategies from our primary market to our growth markets, we should not expect strong results. At the same time, corporate reputation does not segment geographically, and a tree falling in one market is heard by everyone, everywhere, instantaneously. Using examples from Latin America, China, and India, we discuss how accurately mapping the holistic international issue space and using the right messages to build potent coalitions of international stakeholders, leads us to strategies that have maximum impact in our growth markets while minimizing blowback in both our growth and primary markets.