Edik Harutyunyan

Edik Harutyunyan

Manager of Investment Promotion and Foreign Relations at Enterprise Armenia - ARMENIA

'' Mr. Edik Harutyunyan serves as an Investment Promotion and Foreign Relations Manager at the National Investment Promotion Agency of The Republic of Armenia. In his current position, Mr. Harutyunyan establishes and oversees cooperation with foreign IPA's, holds outreach campaigns, promotes Armenia as an investment attractive destination as well as provides policy advocacy. Mr. Harutyunyan previously served as a Business Development Manager at FYM Management and acted as a speaker in a number of International Conferences. . He holds a Master's degree in Regional Studies and an undergraduate degree in Political Science from the Yerevan State University

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Day 1 - FDI April 12, 2021
9:30 am - 10:00 am

ARMENIA: Invest in Armenia


The topic will provide comprehensive and precise information on the Current Economic Situation, Investment Opportunities as well as the Priority Sectors of Armenia. It defines: 1. Why Armenia is considered a country of equal opportunities for business open to inward investment, 2. How highly qualified and highly productive workforce, low labor costs, and tax measures offer new opportunities to foreign investors, 3. How preferential trade regimes provide a gateway to major markets. The presentation also takes a detailed look at The Investment Policy and FDI Legislation of the country and the series of reforms that are being carried out in order to improve the investment and business climate.e