D’vorah Graeser

D’vorah Graeser


Dr. D’vorah Graeser has supported the filing of thousands of patent applications in 15+ industries over the course of 24 years as a US Patent Agent, with a strong international focus. With a roster of clients ranging from first-time solopreneurs to large corporations with robust IP portfolios, D’vorah has become a sought-after expert in emerging tech Intellectual Property strategy. Her specialties include AI, blockchain, and the intersection of tech with healthcare. D’vorah received an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from Harvard and a PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Michigan. She did two postdocs with the Human Genome Project as a programmer.

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Day 3 - Stream 1 April 14, 2021
6:00 am - 6:30 am

LEGAL ISSUES: Patents, the Pandemic and You


Patents are a long term investment in your company's future, enabling you to define and protect your most valuable market segments from competitors. But how can you develop a patent strategy and make that investment now, given that the pandemic has upended the global economy and trade for the foreseeable future? What will "normal" look like for your company - and what part will patent rights play? This talk will examine how you can use patents as a tool for supporting your company through near term turbulence, to achieve medium to long term growth in your home market and internationally.