Devin Schumacher

Devin Schumacher

Founder & Head of Growth at SERP Co - USA

Hi, I’m Devin - Founder & Head of Growth at SERP Co. I'm a serial entrepreneur, digital marketing consultant & internationally recognized top SEO. I help businesses create unprecedented growth using marketing strategies that work predictably, profitably, and prolifically – in the shortest time possible. How can I do this? Because I crafted these growth systems for that exact purpose - through years of trial, error and refinement. Like most entrepreneurs I didn't start with a blueprint to success. And after 3 promising business ventures that all failed from a lack of predictable growth - I decided to take the 'marketing part' into my own hands. Since then I've had the privilege to work with, coach, train and teach thousands of small-to-medium size businesses, entrepreneurs, marketing managers and digital agencies to create wildly successful growth for themselves (and their clients). All by using the exact same strategies I used to grow my own company from a desk in my parents house into a multi-million dollar agency with 20+ full-time team members, in under 3 years. I love helping business owners & builders succeed, because I know the struggle first hand. Please let me know how I can help you achieve your growth goals, so together we can have a greater positive impact on the world through our products & services - and the people they help.

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Day 4 - Stream 2 April 15, 2021
4:00 pm - 4:30 pm

SALES & MARKETING: How to reach the US healthcare consumer market with SEO marketing


It's 2021. 90% of the United States population is online and 87% of all purchase decisions begin with an online search. Because of the global pandemic, internet usage is growing faster than ever while consumers shift to remote work, digital socializing and enormous increases in time spent online... Yet very few businesses have any real idea how to get the attention of their ideal customers and convert them into buyers. And of the ones who try, 9 out of 10 are doing it wrong - spending too much for too little and missing out on the vast majority of their market (up to 97% in most cases). If you are looking to reach more customers, build authority in your marketplace and take a commanding lead over your competition – there has never been a better opportunity than right now. And I'm going to show you how to do exactly that.