David Reynolds

David Reynolds

Vice President at ClearFreight - USA

Born and growing up in Germany, Switzerland, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Philippines, and Hong Kong until 19 was an enriching experience, providing a global perspective. Graduating at U.C. Berkeley in Economics and then attending Thunderbird School of Global Management added business and management theory onto an international background. Joining ClearFreight, Inc. in 1988 as the Finance Manager. Quickly learning most every aspect of international trade and transportation logistics, specializing in air export product shipments operationally, graduated to Vice President in 1999. Being part of a company that grew from 2 offices and 45 employees to 29 offices and 350 employees worldwide, brings a strong sense of accomplishment. Having selected many of ClearFreight’s international logistics partners all over the world in the last 30+ years, I continue to travel everywhere to nourish those relationships. Being on the spot helps to see what is going on in another country.

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Day 2 - Stream 1 April 13, 2021
3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

EXPORT 101: Understanding Cultural Nuances, Combining International Street Smarts with Business Theory


Every country is different. In fact, each state or province of every country can be quite different. The U.S. market is both Seattle and Miami, very different. The better the understanding of the culture, business practices and thinking of any location, where one intends to do business, the better for business. Zoom and similar technology are great tools. Though to establish trust, so important to be able to look people in the eye. No matter how well one may know rules and regulations, equally important, relationship trust is more crucial in certain parts of the world. Meeting someone face to face goes a long way in this process of trust. In international business, relating well to other people’s traditions and ways could be the difference of making a mutually good deal, or not. Making the effort to do so is felt by the other when it is genuine. So, make the effort!