Darryl Antonio

Darryl Antonio

Managing Director at Digitalhound - UNITED KINGDOM

A 20year veteran of the digital marketing industry, experience in slicing through the digital hubbub and delivering high performing marketing campaigns that straddles eCommerce industries across the UK, USA and EMEA. Darryl has worked in agencies serving high profile clients in some of the most competitive online market sectors as well as being retained as Lead Consultant on several long-term projects for famous international brands. A clear strategic thinker, Darryl is well known for getting right to the heart of the issues facing clients and devising high performance online solutions.

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Day 4 – Stream 1 April 15, 2021
9:00 am - 9:30 am

SALES & MARKETING: The basics of online marketing for exporters entering the UK


The United Kingdom’s 2019 figures for total spend equated to nearly $150 billion of online sales throughout the year, making up over 22.3% of all retail spend. As the third largest market for online sales, eCommerce businesses from other countries should strongly consider such a lucrative and stable eCommerce market. Do your homework on the country, culture, and the things the people use and produce, check tariffs, taxes and rules to trade first. Invest in a local web domain…