Dare Odumade

Dare Odumade

Founder/CEO of Chekkit - NIGERIA

3x Founder, 1 Exit and 1 failure with 10 years experience in venture building from founding StrictlyUI while in the University of Ibadan (30,000 students signed up in 1 year, today strictlyUI on Facebook is the biggest University of Ibadan Student digital community), in 2010. Later founded Sharebunk in 2016 (Refused streaming partnership offer from Warner music group and signed 3million tracks distribution deal with FUGA music). Has a B.Sc in Geology but more vibrantly known as the technology Geologist with a published paper on search&discvoery.com leveraged globally by Scholars. Trained in software development and entrepreneurship at Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (Ghana), SDA Bocconi School of Business Management (Italy) and participated in quality accelerators. Also passionate about science, business books and encyclopaedias.

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Day 4 - Stream 2 April 15, 2021
4:30 am - 5:00 am

TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS: Technological developments redefining international trade


Emerging technologies and leading innovations across industries globally that are changing how we do business to maximise productivity and efficiency in areas manufacturing, supply chain, distribution and customer experience, as they are affected through technologies like A.I, Blockchain and Nanotechnologies.