Bart L. Collins

Bart L. Collins


Operational in New York City since 1984. Worked in the Global Hospitality Industry for 25 years prior to transitioning into to Travel Retail. Bilingual English /Dutch. Also speaks French and German. For years managed retail outlets at JFK International Airport, Newark International Airport, LaGuardia Airport and Boston Logan Airport. In that capacity worked with many global luxury brands companies. Founded CITRA Incorporated in 2007. Since then, representing brands such as Zippo Lighters, Cloudz Travel Accessories, BioMiracle Skin care, Peppers Eyewear and others in the Global Duty Free/Travel Retail channels as well as in the local domestic retail markets globally. Founded CITRA Import B.V. in the Netherlands as an import subsidiary to facilitate fast and easy access to the European Union Member Markets. Currently in partnership with The Blue Team in Denmark in the Euro Nordic Region which is one of the most affluent consumer markets in Europe.

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Day 2 - Stream 1 April 13, 2021
1:30 pm - 2:00 pm

EXPORT 101: Overcoming Export Obstacles for SME's (Small and Medium Sized Business Entities)


Many SME’s would like to engage in exporting goods. However, obstacles in doing so keep SME’s unjustifiably out of the global markets. Contributing factors are: 1. Logistical complexities and related costs. 2. Border and Customs related issues. 3. Local Legalities. 4. Currency and exchange rate fluctuations. This need not be the rule. Working with trusted business partners in the export areas offers the solution, however 63% of small business mention finding the right business partners as one of the most difficult issues in being able to export.