Annabella Zhuang

Annabella Zhuang

Business Director, Co-founder of DSIGN - HONG KONG

Annabella is the Business Director and co-founder of DSIGN, She raised in China and now working Hong Kong. She falling for the branding industry after she obtained a master's degree in Corporate Communication from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has an army of experience in brand consulting and communication, specializing in helping western brands entering the Greater China Market and allocation brand communication in a new market. She serves more than 30 companies and clients from different fields and different countries.

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Day 4 – Stream 1 April 15, 2021
4:30 am - 5:00 am

SALES & MARKETING: How to enter the China market


Despite under a difficult time impacted by covid-19, China’s economy has continued to grow over the last 12 months. The challenge of entering China market has become an increasingly important topic for Western companies. With the topic, we will discover the very unique way of China consumer behaviors, digital marketing strategies, B2B & B2C different approaches, all these will give you an easy understanding of what are the critical parts are.