Andy Kieffer

Andy Kieffer


Andy Kieffer is currently the CEO for VoxFeed - a software solution that helps brands collaborate with their users and fans to create authentic content and drive engagement. He is also the founder of Agave Lab Ventures - a seed-stage venture studio located in Guadalajara, Mexico. Before moving to Mexico, he spent over 15 years working with silicon valley startups. His career in the Silicon Valley spanned all phases of the venture-capital-backed startup world including an IPO, a secondary public offering, several successful acquisitions, and more than a dozen investment rounds with some of the most recognized names in Venture Capital. He ran bus dev for a Kleiner Perkins-funded social networking startup (Visible Path) and helped grow a 10 person startup to 1000+ employees and several billions of dollars of market valuation (Kana).

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Day 4 – Stream 1 April 15, 2021
2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

SALES & MARKETING: Behind the Hype: Does Digital Marketing Actually Work?


Andy Kieffer, venture capitalist and vetran startup exec, recently took over the helm as the operational CEO for a marketing tech company. As this was his first foray into the world of marketing, he immediately set out to get a handle on things by interviewing CMOs, brand managers, agencies. What he found out was fairly shocking - the vast majority of marketing spending has little or no measurable impact. Billions of dollars are spent on techniques and tactics that may have worked 10 years ago but, due to saturation, overuse, and general changes in the landscape are a complete waste of time and money. Yet we still throw money at them out of tradition and habit. He'll also cover influencer marketing and the trend toward progressively more targeted micro- and nano-influencers. Join him to hear and share common sense stories of what's working and what's definitely NOT working in modern marketing.