Alexey Anshakov

Alexey Anshakov

CEO of Green Bee - ESTONIA

Product owner, OKRs / SMART / Scrum project manager, team leader, creative director, consultant, cryptoeconomy visionary. Passionate about the Semantic Web, IoT, Big Data, machine-learning, AI, decentralization and DAOs. Worked on projects for Wal-Mart, Apple, Adidas, Nike and many other reputable brands. Lately focused on hi-tech startups. A co-founder and mentor of several companies across the US and Europe. A community participant and a expert. Participant of EU digitization programs, winner of multiple grants.

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Day 3 – Stream 2 April 14, 2021
7:00 am - 7:30 am

TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS: Digitization of the global organic supply chain and how it will help to overcome the next pandemic


Presentation about various EU programs, how they are influencing trade strategies, what business opportunities will be available. How business nowadays certify their products, what does it cost (time and money), what certification means for customers today and what it will mean tomorrow. Trends in IoT and digitization, how it can improve certification. Green Scoring based on IoT. What it is, how it can help the business to cut down certification expenses, how it can help customers choose products and how the digitized certification will comply with the global sustainability goals.